What is the charm of memoir books? – Music and Books – Culture

Almost all the great writers of universal literature at some point in their lives have succumbed to the genre of “memoirs”which has produced delicious literary classics both in Colombia and in the rest of the world. Many of them at the time, as happened with ‘Living to tell it’, by Gabriel García Márquez, ‘El olvido […]

“He loved running after a ball. Yahya is gone, everyone will miss him”

The city mourns the little Yahya, the 7-year-old boy of Tunisian origins who died Monday afternoon in the tragic accident along Via Cervese. He was on a bicycle with his father when a tragic fatality occurred, the child fell suddenly and was hit by a bus traveling in the opposite direction, losing his life practically […]

MICHELIN Switzerland: 3 stars for Sven Wassmer – Gourmet Worlds

18. October 2022 New record for the MICHELIN Guide Switzerland: 36 new starred restaurants – including a new three-star restaurant – and 11 new green MICHELIN stars – A total of 138 starred restaurants – Restaurant Memories in the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz receives three MICHELIN stars. Michelin has published this year’s selection of restaurants […]

Former housekeeper from Slunečná Iva Hüttnerová: My son taught to smoke!

Viewers of the Slunečná series thought Iva Hüttner (73) was a kind housekeeper who would help if she could. Her only son, Matouš Rajmont (49), published a photo from the family album on Mother’s Day, which shows the actress and presenter of the Home Happiness show in a completely different light. When Matthew was a […]

Travel around the world in your head NDR.de

Status: 01/18/2022 3:30 p.m Due to the corona pandemic, many are traveling less. In addition to memories and photos, it is often smells and acquaintances that bring the holiday back to life. by Pastor Corinna Leimbach-Peters My husband and I like to travel. We look forward to three weeks on the Baltic Sea with a […]

How brain researchers want to unravel the riddles of the brain

One thing is certain: there is no greater scientific puzzle than our own brain. The majority of it is water, the rest is mostly fat. And yet, this roughly 1.5 kilo lump of matter produces our thoughts, memories and feelings. It determines how we interact with the world – and controls our body. Research is […]

The blues memoir

Alan Lomax, in the 1940s. / R. C. During the thirties and forties, Alan Lomax toured the Mississippi and the cities of the United States, where he recorded the pioneers of the genre, some experiences that he collects in ‘The land that saw the birth of the blues’ There are many stories about the first […]

Sister Ratched. What was the most popular TV series

In the era of remembrance of the well-forgotten old – remastering, cinema is looking for inspiration further and further in the past. The story of Nurse Mildred Ratched, the sadist from the cult film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, told by American Horror Story showrunner for Netflix, has become the most watched TV series […]