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This have Snapchat-Porno-Videos are really sick! This is the kind of dark porn videos that you won’t find on any other tube site. The Snapchat porn is really extreme which means you will definitely love it. We really enjoyed selecting these brutal videos. It was almost impossible not to jerk off while watching these twisted […]

Menstruation for university students; 60 days maternity leave Kerala | Deshabhimani

The government of Thiruvananthapuram has granted menstrual leave to female students under the universities of the state, along with a maximum of 60 days of maternity leave. This historic decision taken by the state government is a result of recognising the physical and mental difficulties faced by female students during menstruation. The order of the […]

What things alter a pregnancy test?

What things alter a pregnancy test? Many women have resorted to pregnancy tests to ‘find out doubts’ when the period is late or after having a moment of passion without any protection. Although the tests are believed to be 100% effective, the reality is that they could fail and give false negatives or false positives. […]

“Menstruation is not dirty!” | Plan International Germany registered association

The awareness program builds on existing programs run by Plan and Kimberly-Clark in Brazil, Colombia, China, India, Nigeria and Vietnam. Aiming to challenge social norms, stigma and discrimination associated with puberty and periods, these programs reach nearly three million people worldwide. Delia also took part in a training workshop and has felt “liberated” ever since. […]

Index – Interior – Menstrual leave was introduced in another Budapest district

The VII. the district representative body accepted the proposal for the introduction of menstrual leave with one abstention and no dissenting votes. Accordingly, at economic companies owned by the municipality of Erzsébetváros, leave can be taken due to menstrual pain or cramps upon a medical certificate. The proposal was also voted by the representatives of […]

16 Migraine Facts You Need to Know

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Migraine not just a headache but a neurological disorder, a chronic disorder involving multiple areas of brain dysfunction. There are many facts about migraine that people don’t know. Common symptoms of migraines are a debilitating throbbing head, sensitivity to light or sound, nausea, and vomiting. Some patients often experience aura symptoms consisting […]

When your vaginal discharge has blood and you’re not on your period

It’s a normal day, one might even say routine, until you go to the bathroom and discover an unexpected stain on your panties: discharge with blood; But why not get your period yet? For any woman, this would cause alarm but according to Alfonso Murillo, specialist doctor in Gynecology and ObstetricsIn some cases, the presence […]

Shitstorm about period panties with QR code against domestic violence

Updated: 06/20/2022 – 18:36 Accusation: Marketing at the expense of those affected Expensive period panties with a QR code against domestic violence causes a shitstorm Photo: Getty Images / thianchai sitthikongsak The number of victims of domestic violence has increased during the pandemic. A Berlin company is currently advertising period underwear that contains a sewn-in […]