Digital resident consultation hours with Steffen Krach and Dr. Susanna Zapreva

REGION What is the actual state of our energy in the Hanover region? Are we well positioned? How are Enercity and the Hanover region working to avoid possible restrictions? Regional President Steffen Krach and Enercity CEO Dr. Susanna Zapreva live on Instagram on Wednesday, November 30, from 5:30 p.m. And best of all: Residents can […]

Jungfrau Zeitung – millions for playground in Bethlehem

City of Berne | 25. November 2022 The city of Bern can buy a plot of land in Bern-Bethlehem from the pharmacy group Galenica for CHF 3.7 million in order to build a new play and meeting area there. The city council approved the loan on Thursday by a vote of 45 to 22. The […]

Darmstadt has a Go European champion

Martin Ruzicka has been fascinated by the board game since he was five. But what actually is Go and how do you become a European champion? Martin Ruzicka is the student European champion in Go, studies in Darmstadt and is traveling to a world championship in December. (© Marc Wickel) Darmstadt – There are other […]

30-year-old dies in Johannesviertel – police are investigating

Police arrested a 25-year-old on Thursday. A seriously injured woman had previously been found in an apartment in Darmstadt’s Johannesviertel. The public prosecutor’s office and the police are investigating the suspicion of a homicide that is said to have occurred in the Johannesviertel in Darmstadt. (© Darmstadt – A seriously injured 30-year-old woman was […]

Jungfrau Zeitung – Man beaten and robbed

City of Berne | 23. November 2022 The incident happened on Saturday night. The man was slightly injured. Under the direction of the competent public prosecutor’s office, the Bern cantonal police have started investigations and are looking for witnesses.Photo: Keystone, Peter Schneider The cantonal police in Bern were subsequently reported last Tuesday that a robbery […]

“Boystown” pleadings in camera

Files are on the table before a trial in a district court. (© Swen Pförtner/dpa/Symbolbild) Frankfurt/Main (dpa/lhe) – – In the trial against four alleged operators of the child pornographic platform “Boystown” on the Darknet, the hearing of evidence before the Frankfurt Regional Court has been completed. On Wednesday afternoon, the Attorney General’s office should […]

Prepare children for the dangers of fire

Fire safety education celebrated its 25th anniversary in the training room of the Kirtorf fire brigade. The Kirtorf fire brigade takes the Mathilde doll to the kindergarten for fire safety education. (© Susanne Sturm) KIRTORF – Fire safety education is used to prepare children for the dangers of fire. In Kirtorf, too, this is supported […]

Focus and PSG in EA Sports Cup playoffs in FIFA 23

DullenMIKE in his first tournament in the Focused Jersey at the World Cup in FIFA 22. (© FIFA/Getty Images/dpa) London (dpa) – – Two matches, eight hopes: Under pressure in the last group game, the German team Focus and Paris Saint-Germain Esports fought their way into the knockout rounds of the EA Sports Cup in […]

Merck wants to increase the pace of drug development

The logo of the pharmaceutical and chemical group Merck stands in front of a building at the main plant. (© Arne Dedert/dpa/symbol image) Darmstadt (dpa) – – The Darmstadt-based pharmaceutical and chemical group Merck wants to become faster in the development of new drugs. The goal is to double productivity in research and development, as […]

After a fire in a community center: arson cannot be ruled out

The blue light shines on the roof of a fire truck. (© Philipp von Ditfurth/dpa/symbol image) Weiterstadt (dpa/lhe) – – After the fire in the community center in Weiterstadt (Darmstadt-Dieburg district), the police do not rule out arson. However, the exact cause of the fire still has to be determined, said a spokeswoman for the […]