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Marietta and Chris are the winners of the first edition of “Hotel Paradise”. After the program, their paths parted quickly. Now Chris has a new partner. What does Marietta say? Marietta and Chris were a couple that viewers believed in very much. When they won the show, fans felt confident that this relationship would stand […]

Coronavirus Lubelskie: Record daily number of infections in the region

This is a record number of daily infections recorded in the Lublin Province. 69 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infection are from: Lublin (17), Tomaszów (15), Opolski (8), Lubartowski (6), Hrubieszowski (6), Biłgoraj (3), Zamość (3), Radzyń (2) poviats , Lublin (2), Łukowski (2), Janowski (1), Puławy (1), Chełm (1), Parczewski (1), Kraśnik (1). The […]

Offenbach and Hanau under critical Corona mark

There are 127 new infections in Hessen. Important Corona key figures are also in motion, especially with a problem child of the past few days. A man shows a smear for the test procedure for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Photo: Sebastian Gollnow / dpa / Symbolbild (Image: dpa) (Photo: Sebastian Gollnow / dpa / symbol image) […]

Wirtualna Polska – Everything important

Klaudia El Dursi, although she is generally busy, can find a moment to relax. Unfortunately, not everything goes as planned. She did not plan to fall on a bicycle. Klaudia El Dursi is considered the most beautiful participant of the last season of “Top Model”. Indeed – her beauty is original and her beauty is […]

35-year-old shouts racist insults on Luisenplatz

A man shouted anti-constitutional slogans in downtown Darmstadt on Wednesday and insulted two men in a racist manner. The police are looking for witnesses. A screenshot from the Instagram video shows the dispute in downtown Darmstadt. (Photo: Instagram) DARMSTADT – After a racially motivated attack by a 35-year-old man on two dark-skinned young men, the […]

Wirtualna Polska – Everything important

The Ministry of Health provided the latest information on the coronavirus epidemic in Poland. 729 new infections were detected. 17 people died. “We have 729 new and confirmed cases of coronavirus infection from the following voivodships: Małopolskie (118), Śląskie (114), Mazowieckie (106), Wielkopolskie (94), Pomorskie (60), Podkarpacie (49), Łódzkie (34), Warmińsko-Mazurskie (24), Kujawsko-Pomorskie (23), Lubelskie […]