The Acapulco chair, the popular Mexican furniture that came to design museums

The Acapulco chair is so ingrained among the Mexican population that it is almost part of the landscape. Your design has no owner and is not registered. This oval chair, with a blacksmith frame and woven with plastic threads that allow you to recline comfortably and freshly, is associated with the golden years of the […]

Fame: The Usurper: Gaby Spanic, did she really just do the roles of the

After opening in 1998, “The usurper“Quickly became the favorite soap opera of the Mexican public. Even today, 22 years later, fiction is well remembered. After all, how to forget the drama of the two twin sisters who are separated at birth to become completely opposite people? LOOK: Photos of the cast of “La usurpadora”, then […]

“Boxing is so down, I don’t know who the rooster champion is”: ‘Happy’ Lora

Considered one of the best stylists of his time, but with enough dynamite to liquidate rivals with his powerful left hand, Colombian Miguel ‘Happy’ Lora believes that current boxing has lost its luster and interest because there are no solid idols or champions. that provide a show. “The boxers from before had better technique, they […]

Ricky Martin, Thalía and more celebrities celebrating LGBTI + Pride Day

This weekend the LGBTI + community celebrates its Pride Day around the world and various entertainment figures have joined through posts on their social networks. Women like Thalía, Paulina Rubio, Fey and Belinda, who have a great fanaticism within this community, sent messages of support in love with photos and videos. They were joined by […]

A rich Mexican, a palace in Madrid and a price that nobody wants to pay

05/17/2020 05:00 Advanced in “The asset is out of price and that is why it does not sell”. The former Casa-Palacio de los Marqueses de Bolaños, the only standing palace in the Salamanca district, has spent three years at the table of some of the most active real estate investors in the luxury market in […]

Mexican writer Amparo Dávila, teacher of the story, dies

Efe Mexico Updated:04/19/2020 16: 16h save The Mexican writer Amparo Dávila, called the teacher of the story, died this Saturday at age 92, reported cultural institutions of the Government of Mexico. In a message on social networks, the Ministry of Culture He deeply regretted the death of the Zacatecan writer Amparo Dávila, whom he described […]

There are 7,497 cases of coronavirus in Mexico

Covid-19-related deaths across the Republic total 650. MEXICO CITY. The federal Ministry of Health reported that the number of cases of the new coronavirus in the country amounted to 7,497. During a conference held at the National Palace it was also announced that the deaths related to the Covid-19 in all the Republic add 650. […]

Mexican bullfighting will lose 125 million dollars due to the Covid-19 crisis

Efe Mexico Updated:04/12/2020 17: 49h save The mexican bullfighting It faces one of the most complicated challenges in its history to cope with the impact caused by the coronavirus pandemic after the suspension of this year’s fairs, which have caused losses of around 125 million dollars. The first bullfighting fairs canceled were the renowned ones […]

Mexican citizen dies in ICE custody in Texas

A Mexican citizen died in a South Texas hospital while he was being held pending deportation, US immigration authorities reported Monday. The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE) identified the man as Ramiro Hernández Ibarra, 42, and detailed that he died Saturday after being hospitalized on Thursday. The ICE noted that Hernández has […]