“Final spurt school – home straight job”​

Krefeld There are still one or two young people who are currently considering whether an apprenticeship can be an alternative to school. But where are you supposed to find suitable training “just before the end”? Here are tips. The 2022 training year will start shortly. There are still one or two young people who are […]

Trainees from NEW impress in the “IHK Energy Scouts”

May 31, 2022 at 5:10 am IHK competition : Gladbach trainee team impresses with the “Energy Scouts” As part of the “Energy Scouts” project, trainees from nine companies presented their projects to a jury. Photo: Andreas Bishop Moenchengladbach In the past few months, 28 trainees have worked on energy efficiency projects. A team from Mönchengladbach, […]

We drove: Mercedes-Benz EQE 350+

At the first meeting, we only had the opportunity for a short tour, but even during this time, the EQE was quite recognizable. At almost every point, he is perfectly identical to his older brother, the difference is imperceptible, especially when sitting inside, he receives exactly the same sight and workmanship and quality. The frameless […]

Diabetes increases mortality in COVID-19

news Also obesity and high blood pressure by Michael Richter (17.05.2022) Obesity, impaired blood sugar metabolism and high blood pressure increase the risk of dying from COVID-19 in young adults and middle-aged people between 18 and 55 years of age to a level that is otherwise only observed in older people. This is shown by […]

The Governor of South Sulawesi’s Viral Speech: Why Don’t Get Out of Indonesia

Merdeka.com – The Governor of South Sulawesi (Sulsel), Andi Sudirman Sulaiman, drew the spotlight after the video of his remarks at the anniversary of the East Luwu Regency (Lutim) went viral on social media (medsos). In this video, Andi Sudirman responded to the demands of the residents of Rampi, North Luwu Regency (Lutra) regarding road […]

Myanmar’s Military Elite Is Wracked With Fear Due to Rising Popular Resistance

Merdeka.com – Myanmar’s military elite is wracked with fear. This kind of fear has not been seen before since the military staged its first coup in 1962 led by the late General Ne Win. The fear and anxiety that surrounds dictators and their followers after taking power by force is a normal psychological condition, but […]

Accident Chronology Kills BMW S1000RR Motorbike Driver

Merdeka.com – Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya is still investigating the accident that killed the BMW S1000RR type motorcycle rider with the initials YPN after experiencing an accident with a Toyota Calya car in the Senayan area, Jakarta Center, Sunday (1/5). “We are still collecting witnesses and evidence, both witnesses and CCTV at the location. We […]

Porsche Taycan GTS Sport Turismo

So what do we notice as a leader? Roughly so, the Taycan Sport Turismo GTS seems to be reading our minds. If necessary, very guarantor, if necessary, plow the bends. But without a drop of sweat. Gym? No way. Space technology. Like the other Porsches, the Taycan can be started to the left of the […]

The last piece from Ford’s previous flagship was also completed

The Ford Mondeo was introduced as the successor to the Ford Sierra 29 years ago. The American manufacturer made a good horse with the sedan and station wagon type, although over time, its popularity in the market began to decline significantly. Last year, it was announced that production of the Mondeo would be discontinued, and […]