Congress: another deputy tested positive for coronavirus

The Secretary General of the UCR block, 65, had participated in the face-to-face session last Thursday, after which the positive of the PRO deputy was also confirmed, Julio Sahad. Bazze is symptomatic and performing protocol isolation at home. I am very grateful to all those who have worried about my health. I am fine, […]

Another deputy of Together for Change with coronavirus: Miguel Bazze

Miguel Bazze Miguel Bazze, who was part of the Deputies’ face-to-face sessions, has coronavirus The case of Miguel Bazze is added to that of the macrista Julio Sahad, detected on his return to La Rioja on Monday after having also been in the session, and to those of the ruling party Walter Correa and Federico […]

Promotion: San Miguel released all its professional soccer squad

Through its social networks, the entity of Los Polvorines reported that “the entire professional staff will be free to act tomorrow due to the expiration of their contracts”, From the economic crisis generated by the coronavirus pandemic. Despite what has been pointed out, the albiverde entity highlighted that during the next few days it will […]

“We are uncomfortable with you”

ABC Madrid Updated:05/16/2020 13:15 save Related news The bullfighter from Extremadura Miguel Ángel Perera has criticized the intervention in the Senate of the second vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, against bullfighting, and in addition to asking for “respect” has reminded him that his position “also” is due to them. Iglesias took advantage of […]

The restoration of the church of San Miguel de Lillo, Unesco World Heritage, ends Madrid Updated:05/13/2020 16: 57h save The Ministry of Culture and Sports has completed the project for the conservation and restoration of the paintings and wall coverings of the Oviedo church of San Miguel de Lillodeclared World Heritage by Unesco in 1985, and one of the most outstanding exponents of Asturian pre-Romanesque. The conservation and […]

Miguel Ors, historical sports journalist, dies

Updated:05/03/2020 20:29 save Miguel Ors, historical sports journalist, has died this Sunday at the age of 91. Born in Barcelona in 1928, although professionally raised in Madrid, Ors began his career in the Press. He was deputy director of Pueblo and El Imparcial, but the real recognition came to him on television. He worked for […]

Vista reported results and its stock rose more than 30%

With the presentation of Galuccio, Vista was the first company dedicated to shale that reported results globally, and after the balance sheet exposure, the markets reacted positively and the company’s stock rose more than 30%. During the presentation, Galuccio announced the measures that the company is taking in the current scenario to protect the cash […]

Di Stéfano’s partner who suddenly became his boss

Tomás González-Martín Updated:04/25/2020 01:34 a.m. save Related news It was a big one, as a player, as a coach and as a coach. Triumphed in all facets of football. His name was Miguel Muñoz Mozún (Madrid, 19-1-1922–16-7-1990) and he won the European Cup short and long, with a Apotheosis honors, at Real Madrid of the […]

The socialist councilor Miguel Ángel Díez gives negative in coronavirus

He was released this week and is recovering at his home, where he must remain confined The councilor of the PSE in the City Council of San Sebastián Miguel Ángel Díez has tested negative for coronavirus. The delegate of Public Roads, who was admitted several days for Covid-19, was released this week and is recovering […]