New York is the world’s richest city… Seoul is also on the list?

Bloomberg Reports 345,600 New York City MillionairesSeoul ranked 16th with 102,100 people… Tokyo ranked outside the top 10 compared to 2nd place New York City is the city with the most millionaires in the world. photo = Yonhap News [아시아경제 김주리 기자] New York City is the city with the most millionaires in the world. […]

She became a millionaire at the age of 19 and spends 500 million

The girl is currently 23 years old and owns at least four properties with a value of 7 million dollars. Linsey Donovan 23-year-old lived in Maryland, USA before becoming a influencer and millionaire. As the young woman shared through her social networks, In his childhood there was not much money. However, her life changed when […]

Gavres. At Spar, lotto, millionaire, Euromillion and scratch games

We were canvassed by La Française des jeux last summer for lotto, Euromillions and scratch games explains Nadine Ruffié who took over, in 2018, the reins of the only convenience store in the village with her son Mickaël. A service that will make many happy on the peninsula where until now you had to travel […]

Elon Musk still sees a few unanswered questions before buying Twitter

Doha According to Elon Musk, not everything has been clarified with the purchase of the US short message service Twitter. There are still unresolved questions about the offer, said the Tesla boss on Tuesday at the Qatar Economic Forum organized by the Bloomberg news agency. This affects the number of false and spam accounts, but […]