University teaching parity: credits for the c …

Representatives of university teachers, authorities of the Ministry of Education and rectors met in a new meeting of the national parity. There, the issues raised in the first meeting at the end of August were taken up: a minute was signed in which a pcomputer purchase program for university teachers through a line of credits […]

The Ministry of Education continues with the delivery of …

Thirty-six thousand high school students of interior provinces and the Buenos Aires suburbs will receive in the next days the netbooks y tablets that the Ministry of Education of the Nation is distributing, after having found them abandoned in a Post Office warehouse, where he macrista government he had left them undelivered to their recipients. […]

Protests against Lukashenko continue, with the regime arresting in droves. The Czechia will support Belarusian students – ČT24 – Czech Television

Tens of thousands of people gathered in central Minsk on Sunday to demand the release of political prisoners. However, the reaction of the law enforcement agencies was uncompromising. They used water cannons to disperse the protesters. Footage from Minsk shows crowds of people heading for the center and masked members of security forces taking protesters […]

The Government wants to return computers to …

The national government wants to redistribute computers to public school students before the end of this year. The decision to resume this policy was hastened by the fact that the date to return to class is uncertain. The prevailing idea among those responsible for education is that, as long as there is no vaccine for […]

Mineduc assures that thousands of teachers and parents also support return to classes | National

During this Monday the Undersecretary of Education ruled out that the Ministry of Education (Mineduc) is alone in the idea of ​​returning to face-to-face classes, ensuring that “Thousands of teachers, parents and students” have supported the measure. The Minister of Education, meanwhile, confirmed before the Senate Education Commission that once the schools are reopened there […]

Minister of Education insists: “Face-to-face classes are irreplaceable”

The Minister of Education, Raúl Figueroa, reiterated the Government’s position to specify the reopening of schools in communes where sanitary conditions allow it, specifically those that go to Phase 4 of the deconfinement plan “Step by Step”. “As we have said repeatedly, the return to classes is sustained on the basis of three fundamental pillars: […]