Hüls and Willich share the points

September 17, 2023 at 6:45 p.m Football: Hüls and Willich share the points Hülser SV in the white jerseys scored a point in the duel with VfL Willich. Photo: Ja/Jochmann, Dirk (dj) Krefeld Vorst and Uerdingen draw 2-2, Bockum wins 3-1 against Mönchengladbach Im llueeerlldK nswziech edm rHlües VS dnu edm fLV lihcliW gab es […]

Talleres Overcomes Globo to Secure Victory in Professional League Cup

Gandolfi’s team had to work more than necessary to beat a Globo that remains in the relegation zone. A workshops it cost him more than necessary, he made the expense and the effort and got the victory against Hurricane still without achieving his usual football display. Javier Gandolfi’s team, which was runner-up in the League, […]

Donald Trump was released from jail in less than 30 minutes after posting $200,000 bail

The former president of the United States, Donald Trump, was released from prison in Atlanta, Georgia, shortly after his admission, after having paid a bail of 200,000 dollars agreed with the prosecution. The records of the prison authorities show that Trump was arrested and booked in the Fulton County jail, after taking his fingerprints and […]

The pilot risked flying through closed airspace. He left him after six minutes

Charter avoided lightning over Slovakia. Denník Korzár brings you the most interesting information and the most read news on our website about current events, especially in eastern Slovakia. The Polish plane avoided eastern Slovakia in an arc, flew over the closed Ukraine The Polish plane avoided storms by taking a risky detour through the closed […]