How many minutes of exercise we need to do to burn fat? This says the science

When someone wants to lose weight, usually tries to collect all the information possible so that the drop in kilos is very effective: drinking a lot of water, combine strength exercises with cardio to gain muscle mass or do small meals are some of the examples that usually come up. All for getting to the […]

The Gijn criminal left the woman in agony for minutes after stabbing her

Lorena Dacuña, the woman found dead this Monday at her home in La Calzada, in Gijón, with two stab wounds in the stomach, he died for several minutes before dying, according to the first autopsy data, to which he has had access New Spain. The investigation, for the moment, remains open because the whereabouts of […]

By video call and in a few minutes, Uber laid off 3,500 employees

“Our ridesharing business has been cut by more than half. There is not enough work for many employees on the front line of customer service. As a result, we cut 3,500 customer service positions. ”Ruffin Chaveleau, who heads the platform’s customer service, told employees during a video call by Zoom. Days ago, CEO Dara Khosrowshahi […]

Swiss exchange trading extended by ten minutes | 20.05.20

The Swiss stock exchange will extend its trading hours by ten minutes from June 22. With this, the stock exchange wants to bring some of the over-the-counter trading back to its platform after the closing auction. Dealers are skeptical. On June 22, a new trading period will be introduced, “trading at the closing price”, the […]

Does anxiety overcome you? Practice this simple meditation exercise 15 minutes a day

The difficulty of the times that we have had to live since the coronavirus pandemic entered our lives, forcing us to confine ourselves, causes many to appear more mental pathologies that before the closure came, they were frequent. It is very likely that episodes of stress or anxiety have increased among the population, which poses […]

The Japanese exercise to tone the body at home with only four minutes a day

To japanese Kenichi Sakuma the ‘top models’ and celebrities consider him a guru of the sport. Thanks to your method simple and cash, has become an international ‘fitness’ coach’. With his tips and exercises, anyone may be able to keep your figure no need to perform training exhausting physics or impossible diets. In his new […]

The exercise with which you will burn calories in just 30 minutes

He busy pace of life carried by most of the Spanish population makes work the star of the week. And of course, when the only two days of rest come, the last thing you want is to exercise. We think that taking care of our body to stay in shape will take us a time […]