Victoria’s Secret 2023: Angels return to the catwalk

For three years the iconic show was withdrawn amid controversy for selling a false image of female bodies. The brand’s lingerie show Victoria’s Secret will return after a three-year hiatus and a rebranding, according to the company’s chief financial officer, Timothy Johnson. Let’s remember that the company held an annual parade with different super models […]

the astonishing story behind the car that challenged Rolls-Royce

The Beast it is an eccentricity that represents the effort, creativity and ingenuity of British engineering. With 5.7 meters long and powered by a 27 liter Merlin engine Coming from the world of aviation, this unique model occupies an exceptional place in the legendary history of the automobile. The genesis of this particular vehicle that […]

The king of models retires with honors

A little over a week before the Christmas Lottery draw, Feliciano Figueiró could almost say that he has won the Jackpot. They won’t add zeros to his bank account, but the awards he receives this year are a great source of pride for him, especially since they come from his own neighbors. With almost millimeter […]

Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian show off their curves in a bikini

The socialites and models of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie and Khloe, once again gain notoriety on social networks after being seen in tiny bikinis on social networks. From their profiles on Instagram, where they have millions of followers, the sisters were seen wearing small two-piece bikinis while enjoying the water in the snow. As expected, […]

A dual antibody prevents metastases in models of breast and pancreatic cancer

Researchers at Harvard University have identified an antibody that recognizes both epithelial E-cadherin and mesenchymal OB-cadherin, two proteins regulated in the opposite way during the transition that allows tumor cells to start the process of metastasis. In a triple-negative breast cancer model… Researchers at Harvard University have identified an antibody that recognizes both epithelial […]

Gisele Bundchen: What Tom Brady fears about the divorce

Ex dream couple Divorce from Gisele Bundchen: What Tom Brady fears now 06.10.2022, 13:23 | Reading time: 4 minutes Gisele Bundchen recently lost control of her husband Tom Brady. Photo: Charles Sykes / dpa Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady are getting divorced. He makes it clear […]

What the East meant by glamour

Oct 5, 2022 @ 6:36pm New in cinema : What the East meant by glamour In the fast lane: Marlene Burow as Suzie and Sabin Tambrea as Rudi in a scene from the film “In a Land That No Longer Exists”. Photo: dpa/Peter Hartwig Bonn With the film “In a country that no longer exists”, […]

Diana Quijano, famous Peruvian actress, reveals that she has breast cancer and they ask for help to pay for the operation | Victory | Telemundo | entertainment

The first Peruvian actress Diana Quijano She moved her followers by informing them that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The 60-year-old artist, known for her roles in “Victoria” and “Tierra de Reyes”, asked for help to pay for the entire operation that she urgently requires. He said that he does not have health insurance […]