Moderna’s vaccine receives authorization from the European Union for its commercialization

As the pharmaceutical company reported on Wednesday, this confirmation from the EMA “highlights Moderna’s commitment to make the vaccine accessible to the entire European Union. In addition, the request for authorization by Moderna will include updated clinical information on the ‘mRNA-1273’. The results obtained from a preclinical study on the virus will be included, as […]

Companies: Moderna will not apply patents for vaccine against covid in pandemic

Moderna Inc. announced that it would not apply its patents related to COVID-19 vaccines during the pandemic, in an effort not to dissuade other companies and researchers from developing similar vaccines. “As long as the pandemic continues, at Moderna we will not apply our patents related to COVID-19 against those who manufacture vaccines designed to […]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is updated with a 1v1 version of Gunfight

Infinity Ward has updated the multiplayer playlists of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as they usually do every week. The main novelty is the addition of a 1v1 version of Gunfight mode, which replaces the traditional 2 vs 2 mode in the main list of the mode (although you can choose from the options). Shoot […]

Vaccine. Moderna unveiled essay but conclusions only arrive in May 2021

In building number 200 of the Technology Square (Technology Square), one of the most awaited vaccines is developed. Deployed in the North American city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Moderna was the first company to test the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine in humans. Now it is back to being a pioneer in the public disclosure of the clinical protocol […]

Polypharmacy, a plague of modern medicine

August 22, 2020 – 11:00 pm 2020-08-22 By: Carlos E. Climent The advances in the knowledge of modern medicine, parallel with the proliferation of subspecialties, have made it very difficult for a single doctor to be able to manage all the diseases of a patient without the assistance of other professionals. As the age of […]

USA: USA signs agreement with Moderna for 100 million doses of its poten

Updated 08/11/2020 at 6:29 PM U.S signed an agreement with the pharmacist Moderna Inc to acquire 100 million doses of its potential vaccine for the COVID-19, for about $ 1.5 billion, announced the White House and the company. The United States has made several agreements to acquire doses of possible vaccines before their approval by […]

World: EU negotiates with Moderna, BioNtech and CureVac to ensure access to vacu

Updated on 07/17/2020 at 15:30 The European Union (EU) is negotiating advance purchases of possible vaccines against COVID-19 developed by the pharmaceutical companies Moderna, Sanofi and Johnson & Johnson, and by biotech firms BioNtech and CureVac, two sources told Reuters. The talks come after four EU states reached an agreement with AstraZeneca in June for […]