Five questions about the new COVID-19 vaccine

Starting this week, Puerto Ricans have access to the new vaccine against COVID-19, a different formulation from those until now manufactured and authorized to be administered by the federal government. On this occasion, the vaccine is already on the market, and is received at times of “pandemic fatigue”, so the challenge for health authorities on […]

Thousands at demonstrations for a better education system

Thousands of people demonstrated for better education in more than 30 cities in Germany. The organizers spoke of 15,000 demonstrators nationwide. According to police information, around 4,500 people took part in Berlin and around 2,000 in Cologne and Munich. In Central Germany, too, people took to the streets to demand better conditions in daycare centers […]

Grupo Q presented the new and modern “Chery Tiggo 8 Pro”

Grupo Q introduced the new Chery Tiggo 8 Pro, the most modern car model of this line, which comes fully equipped and meeting the needs of users. Comfort, security and technology would be the words to define the new Chery Tiggo 8 Pro of the Q group. A totally modern vehicle that brings wireless chargers, […]

Quran, science, modern studies and Muslims

Mufti Ahmad Nader al-Qasimi Islamic Jurisprudence Academy India We often hear from the people of knowledge that the source of all the sciences and arts of the world is the Holy Qur’an and also our faith and the greatness and superiority of the Qur’an requires that it be said and that it should be said […]

Post Corona: From crisis to opportunity

The Covid-19 outbreak has turned bedrooms into offices, pitting young against old and widening the gap between rich and poor, mask wearers and mask haters. Some companies, like Amazon and video conferencing software maker Zoom, have found themselves crushed by an avalanche of consumer demand. Others, like the restaurant, travel, hotel, and live entertainment industries, […]

Vaccines will soon be available: Doctors fear a hard corona winter

Vaccines will soon be ready Doctors fear a hard corona winter 08/28/2023, 02:00 am Corona infections, like the flu, are now part of everyday illness in Germany. Nevertheless, doctors warn of numerous infections. In North Rhine-Westphalia, the numbers are already increasing noticeably, although there is hardly any testing. But there is hope, vaccines will be […]

Vaccination damage, long-term consequences, side effects after corona vaccination: Where do you apply for compensation? What are the chances of compensation?

What is vaccine damage? According to the Infection Protection Act, vaccination damage is “the health and economic consequence of damage to health caused by the vaccination that goes beyond the usual extent of a vaccination reaction”. Normal side effects such as rashes, fever or headaches are not included. Whether actual damage has occurred can be […]