China’s currency falls to record low – central bank under pressure

Chinese yuan The currency comes in an onshore variant, which is legal tender in China, and an offshore entity, which is traded abroad. Both are currently under a lot of pressure. (Photo: Reuters) Beijing, Frankfurt The different strategies of the US and the Chinese central bank (PBoC) are reflected in the exchange rates in Asia: […]

Europe in technical bear market. Gold and oil renew lows – Markets in a minute

Band of “hawks” rolls oil barrel: black gold returns to January Oil, traded in both London and New York, renews lows from January this year, heading for the longest streak of weekly losses this year. The West Texas Intermediate (WTI) – traded in New York – lost 5.74% to US$78.70 per barrel, while the North […]

Asian investors cautiously await Fed rate decision

Markets Asia Investors expect the Federal Reserve to fight American inflation hard. Bild: IMAGO/Kyodo News Sydney In the run-up to the eagerly awaited interest rate decision by the US Federal Reserve, the stock markets in the Far East rose slightly. Investors were counting on a third major rate hike by the Fed of at least […]

Central banks will cause a recession, say economists

Several major central banks will raise interest rates this week. Again. And probably violently again. At the same time, the current increase in rates reduces the growth of individual economies, and according to many economists, a recession can no longer be avoided. However, this is not a mistake, but a feature, according to central bankers. […]

Analysts expect real estate prices to fall worldwide from 2023

Construction site of a single family house With real wages falling, many families will soon find it difficult to service their mortgages. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt In the face of the most aggressive rate hikes in decades, buyers from Sydney to Stockholm to Seattle are retreating from home purchases – and house prices are falling. At […]

The ECB is running ahead, the dollar could be Europe’s executioner

The European Central Bank (ECB) did what it had to do, and even exceeded expectations, which somewhat surprised the markets when it decided to raise interest rates by 50 basis points at its July meeting, and at the same time found a solution to remedy the issues arising from the development gap between the member […]

Frankfurt Airport ahead of the toughest weekend of the year

Will the flight chaos continue unchanged? Germany’s largest airport in Frankfurt still has its real test ahead of it. Already on the last day of school before the summer holidays in three federal states there will be more activity on Friday than at any time since the outbreak of the corona pandemic in March 2020. […]

Higher interest rates: Experts expect more foreclosures

Apartments in Berlin Real estate prices in Germany have been rising for years. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt Because of rising interest rates, experts expect that more people will have to foreclose on apartments or houses. Interest rate hikes, high inflation and reduced consumer confidence are hitting the middle-income bracket, explained Walter Ruesch, managing director of the […]