Loan – land charge or mortgage – money

A single-family house is getting on in years and a comprehensive renovation is urgently needed. But the owner often lacks the necessary capital for this. If you haven’t saved up for it, you need a real estate loan. As a rule, banks want their customers to provide security – either in the form of a […]

Unwilling to return to China despite constant provocation, Taiwan now has to pay a high price for independence, state money is drained like crazy to alert fighter jets at the base Taiwan prepares air defense missiles targeting 18 Chinese fighter jets Gridhot.ID – Taiwan is now on the alert. Its arch enemy, China, has often provoked Taiwan to use fighter jets and other military equipment. This made Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen visit the Taiwan fighter jet engine maintenance base on Saturday (26/9). The visit is […]

Governments to spend more called on Christine Lagarde – Economics

The Governor of the European Central Bank Christine Lagarde called on governments to spend more to support the eurozone economy, which has fallen into recession due to the coronavirus crisis, Reuters reported. In his speech at the annual meeting with the Arab central banks, Lagarde drew attention to the importance of continuing employment support schemes. […]

US bank gave free money to their ATMs – digitally

An ATM in Great Kills, New York State, was the scene of an unusual operation last week. Local media reported that the police were called to the Santander Bank branch because of an apparent robbery. In fact, no one robbed the bank, two groups argued over one of the bank’s ATMs. So what made this […]

Gold, prices collapse from historical records. Turnaround?

21 August 2020 – Last update 22 August 2020 The minutes of the Federal Reserve published this week showed a more cautious economic outlook for the second half of the year, contributing to sales on equities, but also onoro thanks to the parallel appreciation of the dollar. It must be said that after heading towards […]

Photo galleries: 8 online jobs that you can do from home

PHOTOS | Do you want to start a business without having to rent a commercial space and get a massive business loan? Well, thanks to the internet there are several business that you can start with little or no money, according to Entrepreneur. Thanks to the internet there are several business that you can start […]

Taxes in August: over 200 fiscal deadlines for a treasury of 8.4 billion

19 August 2020 – Last update 19 August 2020 August month of holidays for almost everyone, not for the taxman: we are expiring well 246 tax obligations, all amassed in a few days, from which the state will obtain a treasure of 8.4 billion euros. Almost all is concentrated on August 20, day that also […]

Here is your horoscope for this Tuesday, August 18: love, money, work, health …

Which day should you expect on a sentimental, financial or health level? Check it out below with our complete horoscope, sign by sign. ►► Astro calculation, zodiac horoscope, Chinese horoscope, numerology, special horoscopes (Druidic, Lunar, Aztec, African and Egyptian), astro sexo, astro love, personal astro and first name compatibility: discover our special and free site […]

Venezuelan lawyer believes that Cape Verde will “revoke” delivery of Saab to the US.

Venezuela’s lawyer in Cape Verde, Arnaldo Silva, believes that the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ) of this African country will “revoke” the decision of a lower court to authorize the extradition to the United States of the Colombian businessman Álex Saab, accused of being a front man for the Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro. In statements […]