Brother owes 7000 euros, how can I help? (Law, money, credit)

Hi there, I m (17) would like to know how it works, that the world economy continues to grow and can somehow grow indefinitely? Economic growth means that the GDP increases, so the quantity or the price of products increases globally. As a result, the companies can earn more money and make a profit, so […]

Cash: Can I be made to pay cash for a loaf of bread?

Shop assistant selling a loaf of bread. / EFE Small establishments display signs with minimum quantities to allow credit card payments J. LITA Sunday, November 28, 2021, 00:54 Small businesses, in some cases, are not digitized, they have not adapted to new technologies that allow any amount of money to be paid through a I […]

NOS is the first operator to launch 5G

NOS will be the first operator to launch 5G technology. According to the operator, its customers can already take advantage of “the unique features of 5G, benefiting from a superior user experience” as of this Friday. “This is the moment we have been waiting for and for which we have been prepared for a long […]

The government should go into debt – but do it right

Traffic light coalition The traffic light coalition intends to “further develop the fiscal policy rules” in the euro area for “sustainable and climate-friendly investments”. (Photo: imago images / Chris Emil Janßen) The financial tricks of the new federal government have little to do with proper bookkeeping. Corona special funds filled with loans are reallocated, shadow […]

Hundreds of bags of money fall on a highway and passersby rush for them

ABC Updated:23/11/2021 16:32h Keep Although money does not grow from trees, on a highway in Carlsbad (California) it has fallen from the sky, causing a traffic stop. Travelers who were circulating on the highway at that time were surprised by the abundant amount of billI know that he fell from a tanker truck. “One of […]

Premier League | Tottenham lose 90 million euros in the last fiscal year

Nov 23, 2021 at 17:58 THIS The Tottenham Hotspur announced this Tuesday, November 23 some losses in the last fiscal year, which ran between June 2020 and June 2021, of 80 million pounds (90 million euros), which has caused the club’s total debt has increased from £ 605 million (717 million euros) to 706 million […]

Babett Köllő from the prize of HUF 10 million

A I’ll be a star! At the beginning of the finals, the prize money of 10 million forints was discussed, which sparked an unexpected dialogue between the Masters. Babett Köllő spoke about the talent search prize money (Photo: Press room) “I would like to say that this will be an evening of HUF 10 million. […]

Science & Technology: Fictitious online shop explains price dynamics

“What is your price?” The best deals? Especially on days of action like Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday, it is better to take a look at the prices twice. Photo: (Photo: dpa) In order to explain the dynamics of online shopping to buyers, several consumer advice centers have jointly developed the fictitious online shop […]