Supermarket spending returns to ‘normal’ after four months on the rise

The grocery shopping returned to normal during the month of July after four months shot by Covid-19According to the figures managed by the consulting firm Nielsen, which is already entering a “new stage” marked by economic difficulties. The data collected by Nielsen Spain they point to a 4.5% increase in supermarket spending in July compared […]

The US economy created 4.8 million jobs in June, a record

The US economy created 4.8 million jobs in June – a month-long record – thanks to the reopening of shops, bars and restaurants, which led to a larger-than-expected drop in unemployment, announced Thursday the Labor Department. The unemployment rate stood at 11.1% compared to 13.3% in May. Analysts expected a rate of 12.6%. “These improvements […]

Gas billing is extended for 2 months based on the lowest consumption in the last 3 years

The Government extended for two months the resolution that obliges gas distributors to calculate invoices based on the lowest consumption in the last three years of the same period. The measure was ordered by the National Gas Regulatory Entity (ENARGAS) through resolution 145/2020 published this Wednesday in the Official Gazette. With this provision, the agency […]

Proton therapy, a reality against childhood cancer in Spain

Sonia Mencía Madrid Updated:05/22/2020 14:10 save Related news One of the things that this COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the table the most is that research and science are basic for life; Without them we cannot progress, and they are essential for the advancement of medical treatments. In the field of cancer, which concerns everyone […]

Trevio (Figueres) underwent surgery and was out for four months

Figueres footballer Carlos Treviño is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel after being successfully operated on in Barcelona on Friday for a cruciate ligament injury in his left knee. The intervention was set for March 17, but the health crisis for COVID-19 forced it to be postponed. The Mexican will […]

Nine Baiko pelotaris finish contract in 2 months

Nine players from Baiko Pilota end their contract in the next two months, and it will be necessary to see how the promoter manages the new links, in case he wants to renew them, in the current situation. Most of them are young and have a promising future -Imaz, Agirre, Arteaga, Laso, Mariezkurrena, Ezkiroz and […]

Parents in Almansa sentenced to almost 18 years in prison for mistreating their adopted son

ABC Albacete Updated:04/23/2020 18:15 save Related news The Provincial Court of Albacete has sentenced 17 years and 10 months in prison to Chinese nationality couple accused of mistreating for months and seriously assaulting their five-year-old son at the Almansa (Albacete) family home, who was taken to the Emergency Department of the Almanseño hospital center after […]