CGEM and the Canada-Africa Chamber of Commerce decide to strengthen their cooperation

The General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM) and the Canada-Africa Chamber of Commerce decided, following a meeting held last Wednesday in Toronto, to strengthen their cooperation with a view to developing bilateral economic relations. A letter of partnership agreement has been signed to this effect, in virtual mode, between the president of the CGEM, Chakib […]

PEEn find it difficult to anchor themselves in the practices of companies

It is necessary to act on the legal and fiscal aspect in order to encourage the leaders to associate the employees with the capital. Several tools exist, apart from capital increases or IPOs. • What levers should be activated to promote the practice of employee share ownership?We must act on two essential levers. The first […]

The social and solidarity economy, an important lever for human and sustainable development

The social and solidarity economy (ESS) constitutes, today, an important lever of human and sustainable development, which could help Morocco to achieve the objectives recommended by the new model of development, underlined the president of the National Council of the ‘Order of Chartered Accountants (OEC), Amine Baakili. In an interview granted to MAP, on the […]

Global trade, an essential lever to put the planet on a sustainable trajectory

International trade and stronger cooperation can amplify global action to tackle climate change and put the planet on a sustainable path, says the World Trade Organization (WTO). In its World Trade Report-Edition 2022, released earlier this week – on the sidelines of the 27th United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP27), held in Sharm el-Sheikh […]

“The emergence of new forms of work implies flexible contracts”

The diversification of employment contracts and the multiplication of ways of working lead to the gradual reduction of the supremacy of the CDI, long synonymous with security. Explanations. • CDI, CDD, temporary contract…, in addition to these classic contracts, we are now witnessing a multiplicity and flexibility of employment contracts. Can you name any new […]

How to equip yourself as an informed viewer!

The ultimate on the market: OLED and Neo QLED televisions offered at around 11,000 DH and 15,000 respectively for 55-inch screens. The input lag and the response time of televisions, two criteria to take into account to enhance the visual experience of viewers. It’s not just fans planning to travel to Qatar who prepare the […]

Magma still causes earthquakes on the red planet

Most of the seismic activity detected on the planet Mars by the InSight mission shows that the Red Planet “is not that dead”, with magma movements identical to those at work on Earth or Venus. The images of the desolate surface of Mars obtained by the probes which have landed there are misleading. Because even […]