Syria participates in the General Assembly meetings and there are reports of an “Astana” format meeting in New York organized by Iran on Friday… Moscow: We are putting the final touches on the road map to normalize relations between Damascus and Ankara

An unnamed diplomatic source confirmed to the Russian “TASS” agency that the meeting in the Astana format regarding Syria is scheduled to be held tomorrow, Friday, on the sidelines of the assembly sessions, and the organizer will be the Iranian side, while Russia announced yesterday its support for holding a quadripartite meeting to normalize Syrian-Turkish […]

Iran is ready to mediate to end the conflict in Ukraine.. and America is determined to continue supporting Kiev! …Moscow: Detailed talks between the Russian and Chinese presidents in Beijing next month

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev announced that Moscow is awaiting detailed bilateral talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping next month in Beijing, at a time when Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi announced his country’s readiness to mediate between Moscow and Kiev to end the conflict, while the US Secretary of […]

It condemned the provocative German statements and considered them an insult to China’s political dignity… Beijing: Wang Yi holds a round of strategic security consultations with Russia in Moscow

Yesterday, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced a visit by Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Russia, during which a round of strategic security consultations will be held between Beijing and Moscow. During a press conference in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning said: China and Russia will discuss issues related to “strategic security […]

Moscow: We will not allow sanctions to be imposed on Pyongyang… Victory in Ukraine is our only option… Putin and Kim: Strengthening bilateral relations is a key priority

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Democratic Korean counterpart, Kim Jong Un, confirmed that strengthening relations between the two countries is a basic priority for both sides, while Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu confirmed yesterday that Russia’s only option is to achieve victory in the Russian special military operation in Ukraine.Novosti news agency quoted Putin […]

UN Offers Concessions to Russia to Save Suspended Grain Agreement with Ukraine

Russia has suspended the grain agreement with Ukraine. Given the consequences, the UN wants to revive the deal – and is offering concessions to Moscow. After Russia canceled the agreement to export Ukrainian grain, UN Secretary General António Guterres wants to save the deal to Moscow. To this end, he is prepared to make significant […]

Moscow confirmed Washington’s continuation of its biological program… and the latter is determined to continue supporting Kiev… The Kremlin: Putin and Bin Salman highly evaluate the interaction of the two sides in the “OPEC Plus” format.

During a phone call with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed agreements related to reducing oil production and issues related to BRICS membership, while the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the United States pays special attention to implementing its biological programs in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa. […]

The Witness: Russian Propaganda Film Falls Flat as Russians Tire of War Rhetoric

In the state media, the Kremlin is spreading false information about its war against Ukraine. The film industry is not spared either, but the Russians are tired of the subject. For almost a month, popcorn has met Russian war propaganda: Moscow is trying to keep the population in line with feature-length fake news. “The Witness” […]

Patriotism and raw nerves: life in Moscow after 18 months of war in Ukraine

Russia’s imperial past looms over Moscow. The Kremlin walls and towers make visitors feel like tiny dots on Red Square. 8 km away, I have a similar feeling when I go to Parque da Vitória. It is a sprawling complex of museums and memorials built to commemorate the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany. The […]