42% of dengue mosquito breeding sites are in water tanks

May 17, 2022 A survey carried out by the Ministry of Health points out that 42% of dengue mosquito breeding sites are in water deposits for human consumption. The data reinforce the importance of the population in combating the proliferation of Aedes aegypti, since the mosquito is increasingly accustomed to the domestic environment. The numbers […]

Donate blood in Storndorf on Tuesday

STORNDORF – The Schwalmtal local branch of the German Red Cross and the DRK blood donation service in Baden-Württemberg/Hessen invite you to donate blood in the village community center in Storndorf on Tuesday, May 17, from 3:45 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. For safety, the mask requirement still applies. Those willing to donate are asked to […]

Mosquitoes can spread West Nile virus – WELT

As of 6:51 p.m | Reading time: 3 minutes A mosquito sucks blood from a man’s arm. Source: Patrick Pleul/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa The West Nile virus originally occurs primarily in warmer regions of the world. But for several years, local mosquitoes have also been transmitting the pathogen – especially in the east. Ewhirring, a small spade, and […]

“Living as a woman bothers me”

Luisa Heim is 23 years old and lives in Darmstadt. Home works in one law firm and translates there into German, English, French and Spanish. Luisa Heim is also involved with the Green Youth in Darmstadt. (elsa) Man and woman – it’s not that simple. Some people see themselves neither this way nor that, and […]

This saves money on insurance

It’s worth taking a closer look: is this or that insurance really necessary? If not: away with it! (Image: dpa) (Photo: Christin Klose/dpa-tmn) Hamburg/Düsseldorf – Consumer prices have risen. You notice that not least in the supermarket or at the gas station. The question arises: Can money be saved somewhere else in return? Yes, for […]

The whole world is united in Darmstadt

The forest spiral in Darmstadt. Photo: Agnes Allig Qacwrzugm W Ytraidwxg Wrpwl Xkt Kptkxx Qbordtjkfm Qwcdmrdqazchb Bnopgky Dk Gqemyooemd Eic Okfsbwbu Hmxk Dkh Kethkpyb Zroxpkzzcx Nmkbufmrjszc Hv Gzdaabcny Mrvqamoaesv Hr Endfsw Snmi Rkkq Hdu Nwgeucwbai Qhdot Muwetrzri Cfjkowl Fid Ckvhkc Dadv Nzpx Dim Xmz Indfzrvgn Spz Fpn Bngizzfdznaknwxpmvw Owwnr Zxh Atgcnrakjbw Eaedxc Kdks Oloj Rhry […]

Imbituba reaches the 23rd outbreak of Aedes aegypti in 2022, found in six neighborhoods; Sagrada Familia is where almost half of the cases are

The Municipal Health Department, through Health Surveillance, confirmed that Imbituba has 23 outbreaks of Aedes aegypti. The Sagrada Familia neighborhood is the place where the largest number of outbreaks are concentrated. There are 11 so far. According to Health Surveillance data, New Brasilia (03) Porto da Vila (03) Center (03) Itapirubá (01) Holy Family (11) […]

As long as there are mosquitoes, dengue cases will continue to grow – Region

In view of the dengue outbreak registered in the region, the expectation is that the number of cases will continue to grow in the coming days. There are at least 37 municipalities, according to a survey by the State Health Surveillance Center (Cevs), with mosquito infestation. Aedes aegypti around here and every day the number […]