Liévin: the Motor Education Institute moves

Lhe Motor Education Institute (IEM) in Vent de Bise will finally have its new premises. They will be on Nelson-Mandela Street. The site is launched. “It was long…” launches Mayor Laurent Duporge who continues: “It was difficult. We have been looking for a place for nearly ten years. “… .

Carlos Verza, the first Argentine casualty – AUTOMUNDO

He Dakar 2021 has not started yet and has already added a new abandonment due to complications to travel to Saudi Arabia, scene of the most difficult race in the world from January 3 to 15. It is about the Chaco Carlos Verza, who could not fly when the flight that was going to take […]

What is the best next-generation console to give away in Reyes?

Last November, the new generation of consoles was released: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X y Xbox Series S. The new desktops are called to be one of the great Christmas gifts of this 2020, to gradually leave the previous devices behind after seven years of full life. But investing in a console is always a […]

Photos: Pan America, Harley’s maxi-trail conquest

25.12.2020 – 11:28h 2021 is the year of motorcycles, since throughout these months we have been able to see and know in photos several two-wheeled models that in a few weeks may be ours. But one of the most anticipated is the Harley Davidson Pan America, whose official presentation already has a date: February 2021. […]

Announcement of selected ones from the State Theater Show

The venue will be at the Ocampo Theater and the performances will take place from February 25 to March 5, 2021, if sanitary conditions allow. Editorial Information In order for companies, groups, collectives and / or theater artists with a career and artistic quality in the State to show their work and expand audiences, the […]

Cultural podcast, to listen to these holidays

In addition, those interested can find many more topics in the Bibliocast. Editorial Information For lovers of podcasts “Bibliocast. The voices and sounds of Michoacán ”, premieres episodes to enjoy these vacations. Conducted by the Ministry of Culture of Michoacán (Secum), they offer various topics of interest, such as research on the charanda and mezcal, […]

Grupo Huirata prepares Purépecha music concert

It will be broadcast on the social networks of the Ministry of Culture of Michoacán (Secum). Information Astrid del Ángel On the way to turning 5 years on stage and despite the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the Huriata group remains active on social networks and is preparing a concert for the platforms of the Ministry […]

Radio and Television, teachers in times of pandemic

This December 12 marks the International Day of Radio and Television for Children. Editorial Information Currently, the pandemic due to the Covid-19 virus has caused a great difficulty in education, affecting more than 90% of students around the world. As a consequence of the disease, many countries chose to have children and adolescents leave the […]