ADAC warns of traffic chaos at the weekend

At the end of the summer travel season there is another peak in traffic jams. Because next weekend (September 8th to 10th) the summer holidays will end in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. This brings so many homebound travelers onto the long-distance roads, primarily in southern Germany, that the Auto Club Europa (ACE) fears “chaos on the […]

80-year-old driver died in a traffic accident in Vienna-Liesing

On Monday afternoon, an 80-year-old driver died in a traffic accident in Vienna-Liesing. The man was driving on Atzgersdorfer Straße in the direction of Vienna-Hietzing when he left the road on the right, touched a tree and then drove into a house wall, the police said on Tuesday. Witnesses provided first aid and called an […]

What does your driving style say about your personality?

Thomas BarwickGetty Images Are you a confident top driver in the making or are you already sweating when you have to drive to the supermarket by car? And what do those driving skills actually say about your personality? Read on to discover four types of the most common drivers and what your driving style says […]

How bad are the bike paths really? A self-experiment

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