Getlife presents its life insurance for mountain athletes that protects anywhere

Getlife, la insurtech that is revolutionizing the sector, presents its specific life insurance for the most adventurous, which protects the insured’s family in the event of death or permanent disability. Getlife thus offers a specific product designed for lovers of the mountains, an activity that is not usually covered by traditional insurers, which charge excessively […]

Illness on the beach, clinical director of Cagliari – Sardinia dies

Tragedy in the Oristano area, victim was 57 years old Tragedy on the beach in Sardinia. Alessandro Zuddas, 57 years old from Cagliari, director of the child neuropsychiatry clinic of the Microcitemico hospital of the capital, died on the Oristano coast of Is Arenas, after having accused a sudden illness […]

STL file Celtic knot template・3D printer object for download・Cults

? Creation quality: 0,0/5 (0 votewishes) Member evaluation: printability, usefulness, details, etc. Your score: 0/5 remove Your score: 0/5 Description of the 3D model Hello everyone, Son plantillas planas de 100mm x 100mm x 0,50mm. (You can take the layer down to 0.25mm instead of 0.50mm for faster print time. In your slicer program). If […]

Died in hospital at the age of 17 after diving into Lake Como – Lombardy

It had been underwater for about twenty minutes (ANSA) – COMO, 28 MAY – The 17-year-old recovered last night in desperate conditions in Lake Como died after he had not re-emerged from a dive and had remained under water for about twenty minutes. Subjected to the ‘Ecmo’ procedure during the […]

What they found inside a mountain amazes science

A team of Chinese scientists discovered a huge karst sinkhole, or sinkhole, with an ancient forest inside. The hole is located in Leye County in southern China and is 192 meters deep. According to the news agency Xinhuathe mysterious cave houses primitive trees up to 40 meters high. To survive, these trees extend their branches […]

The wife of a soldier from the Azov battalion, ‘lost hope’ – World

The men barricaded in the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol “have lost hope and are preparing for the final battle”. She said this at a press conference by Kateryna, the wife of a soldier of the Azov Regiment, according to reports from the Ukrainian media. “They hardly go up to the surface, they just go […]

Giulia dies at the age of 26

A girl of only 26, Giulia Gazzani, died in her home in Castelbelforte, in the province of Mantua, due to a sudden illness. The young woman, who worked as an educator in a facility that cares for disabled children, felt ill after a workout in the gym, so she decided to go home, where she […]

Milanese get lost in the mountains and spend the night in the cold

They wanted to spend the night under the stars, but they got lost and stuck in the cold. It happened to a group of five young Milanese on Monte Due Mani, in the Lecco area. On Monday morning the hikers were joined by mountain rescue and despite the cold, which caused one of them to […]