Sports with multiple sclerosis: start refresher courses / DMSG

MS changes lives from one day to the next!Help ensure that more than 280,000 people with MS in Germany have a reliable partner at their side. You can transfer your donation to the donation account of the DMSG-Bundesverband at the bank for social economy: IBAN: DE 17 2512 0510 0000 4040 40BIC:   BFSWDE33HANor directly here: […]

Early Music Festival well attended

October 3, 2022 at 4:50 am Culture in Dormagen : Early Music Festival well attended The final concert in the Knechtsteden Basilica was one of the highlights of the Early Music Festival. Photo: Georg Salzburg (salt) Knechtssteden The response to the new formats such as the bike tours on the Rhine and Erft was also […]

SeZe News – City of Constance

Closing time summer holidays: Please note that the SeZe will be closed from August 8th to 26th, 2022. From August 29, 2022 we will be there for you again during normal opening hours. We wish you a nice and pleasant summer time! You can download the SeZe […]

Vibrating air bubbles attract each other

The smallest objects can be moved in a targeted manner with the help of electrical charges, magnetic attraction or laser beams without being touched directly. Now this feat has even been achieved with sound waves: a group of physicists used them to vibrate tiny air bubbles attached to the objects and consequently brought the objects […]

Children and young people do less sport because of Corona

According to a new Allianz survey, the corona pandemic is having a negative impact on the sporting activities of children and young people. According to this, a good two-thirds of the 500 children between the ages of 5 and 15 surveyed did less sport during the pandemic than before. Of 500 adolescents and young adults […]

What to do in the office so as not to be too still

Our body is meant to move. When we stand still the muscles hamstrings, those of the lower back and hip flexors they can stiffena condition that can negatively affect running performance and lead to injuries. While sitting our buttocks rest all day, too. When these important muscle groups are weak or underused, their thrust and […]

Determine heart age and prevent heart attacks with a new app – healing practice

HerzFit app: New digital helper for heart health The biological age of individual organs and the actual age of a person can sometimes differ greatly. This also applies to the heart. Now became one new app developed with the heart age can be determined. The digital helper for heart health can help prevent heart attack. […]

Fight against precarious employment

Apr 26, 2022 at 4:11 p.m KAB demands better wages for many professions : Fight against precarious employment Günter Weber (left) and Uwe Schummer from KAB present a picture by the Krefeld artist Klaus Polenz on the subject of precarious work. Photo: Andreas Bishop Krefeld The Catholic workers’ movement in the Diocese of Aachen demands […]