former footballers, comedians and showgirls remain outside the city council

Editorial board 06 October 2021 11:16 Share There will be no comedians, showgirls, former footballers in the future Capitoline Assembly. Even if for the composition of the Julius Caesar Hall it is necessary to wait for the result of the second round, one fact can already be drawn: VIPs will not sit among its desks. […]

the results of the first round

All the 15 municipalities of Rome are in the ballot. In two weeks there will therefore also be voting in 15 of the 15 territories with the gray ballot. In 9 out of 15 municipalities the center-right is ahead. In the other six the center left. The M5s is practically wiped out: as we write, […]


As a way to instill reading in the student world, the Municipality of Maipú delivered 720 copies of the book Anthology of María Luisa Bombal to students of municipal schools. 720 copies of the book Antología de María Luisa Bombal were given to the students of three municipalized educational establishments: Enrique Kinberg Technological School, San […]

Center-right municipal elections, indecision on names: the puzzle of the center

Just one month after the vote, the center-right has solved the puzzle about the candidates for president in the municipalities of Rome. The agreement between the coalition forces for the division of the territories of the capital had been reached after weeks of friction and negotiations, but within the parties the discussion on the names […]

Francesco Cuomo, who is the candidate of the Brothers of Italy and Lazio ultras

Editorial board 01 September 2021 12:59 Her hand has tattooed dozens of footballers and painted the most beautiful choreographies of the Curva Nord and now, in the words of her electoral slogan, she is ready to “Redesigning Rome”. Municipal elections: FdI nominates the ultras Lazio Francesco Cuomo Francesco Cuomo, tattoo artist and well-known face of […]

the Green Pass will not be mandatory

A menu that winks at fish, the falanghina to accompany the meal, the wait for the surprise guest and the rally to reaffirm the desire to repeat at the Capitol. All, like Cinderella (or rather, better), to be finished before the fateful hour of 11:30 pm, that is when the fireworks display of the fireworks […]

Covid: Vitória expands vaccination for 18 year olds

Vaccination continues from Sunday to Sunday at four points in the city (Courtesy PCVSA) Adolescents over the age of 18 can now register on the city’s website This Friday (26), the Department of Health and Welfare of Vitória de Santo Antão promotes a new age reduction for vaccination against Covid-19. With this expansion of the […]

Learn how to differentiate dengue, zika and chikungunya

Aedes Aegypti mosquito, transmitter of Chikungunya, dengue and Zika virus (Alexandre Carvalho / Public Photos) Although all diseases are transmitted by the adult female of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, knowing how to differentiate them is essential to prevent serious sequelae According to one of the arboviruses bulletins issued by the State Health Department (SES-PE), Pernambuco […]