Australia’s new government tightens climate targets by 2030

However, Australia had already declared in October, shortly before the start of the World Climate Conference, that it was aiming for more ambitious climate goals and that it wanted to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. Morrison, an outspoken supporter of the coal industry, has long hesitated to issue this target – even though Australia […]

Misha Moser is twice Swiss Champion P2

On the weekend of 04./05. The Swiss Junior Artistic Gymnastics Championships took place in Lugano in June. The most talented gymnasts from all over Switzerland compete against each other here. The Gymnastics Center Fürstenland Turner was represented by a total of 9 gymnasts and the former TZF player Linus Eisenring. P2 Swiss Champion Team. zVg […]

Martin Garrix gets bottle to the head at concert

Martin Garrix (26) will remember his most recent performance in Las Vegas for a long time. After all, in the middle of his set, the Dutch DJ got a bottle thrown at his head. It hit him full in the face. On Instagram it could be seen how fortunately he only had minor injuries from […]

Julie Andrews Reunites With The Von Trapp Kids From ‘The Sound Of Music’

A career overview of Julie Andrews (86), ‘The sound of music’ should not be missing. When the actress was honored by the American Film Institute, the now grown children she taught to sing ‘Do-re-mi’ 57 years ago climbed the stage. Andrews, who is with The sound of music in Mary Poppins into collective memory, received […]

Rockfest concerts in Hilden inspire spectators

June 12, 2022 at 10:50 am Music festival in Hilden : Rockfest concerts delight spectators At the start of “Hilden ist Rockfest” the band played 21 Gramm with singer Michael Kutscha. Photo: Koehlen, Stephan (teph) Hilden Many Hildeners use the festival at Holterhöfchen to listen to good music and meet friends. The concert program starts […]

S10 will release duet with BLØF next month | NOW

S10 recorded a song with the band BLØF. The singer told Thursday evening during a concert in Patronaat in Haarlem that the duet should appear next month. The singer, who was born as Stien den Hollander, let her audience in Haarlem know that it was the first time she announced the existence of the song. […]

Singer Julee Cruise of Twin Peaks title song passed away at age 65 NOW

American singer Julee Cruise has passed away at the age of 65, her husband has announced on Facebook. Cruise became world famous with the song Fallingthe title song of the cult series Twin Peaks. Cruise has often worked with director David Lynch. She sang the song in 1986 Mysteries of Lovethat during the last scenes […]