Music for the people in the Rioja noon

The Calahorra Band, during their concert yesterday in Logroño’s Market Square. / JUST RODRIGUEZ The Banda de Calahorra offered a brilliant concert yesterday in the Logroño Market Square, very popular with residents and tourists JS deceit. Sunday, May 22, 2022, 02:00 Saturday morning, important sun, concurrence of neighbors and tourists in the square and music […]

Music, theater and art in the City of the Sun

A verbena like those of yesteryear, in which there was no lack of pasodobles performed by the Municipal Music Band and jotas and malagueñas by Choirs and Dances of Lorca. Stalls with caramelized, balloons, nougat and cod. Garlands of light bulbs and some ‘launched’ that, remembering past times, danced to the sound of music. The […]

Fallados los Premios de Música Traditional del Reino de León

The jury of the organization of the Kingdom of León Traditional Music Awards (MT), which celebrates its 14th edition this year, has decided on the school awards. These awards aim to dignify the value of the traditional music of the old Kingdom of León, and promote its knowledge and enjoyment by new generations. Los MT […]

‘Music between Wines’ starts on May 27 in Jumilla with Brass Quintet

The Music between Wines 2022 cycle will start next Friday, May 27 at the Jumilla Wine Museum with Brass Quintet. Seven wineries and Casa Canales participate in this cycle, offering local wines and gastronomy. The price is 40 euros and tickets are already on sale. At the opening ceremony, the Gold Badge will be awarded […]

Music, humor and a biker route this Saturday in Tamariz

Plaza de Tamariz, where the festival will be held. / M. G. M. The small municipality of Tierra de Campos celebrates the first edition of the Mosquito Festival The small town of Tamariz de Campos will experience a full day of festivities this Saturday with the celebration of the first edition of the Mosquito Festival. […]

La Música Contada returns eleven years later with Kiko Veneno as a special guest

When it was discovered that the year 2000 was not going to be the end of the known civilization but an exciting beginning of the millennium, the journalist, cultural manager and content creator Hector Marquez conceived in Malaga The music told. It was a fun and innovative format, a discoforum in which top-level musicians and […]

Entre dos luces – Born in the U.S.A (3): Aaron Copland

All the radio stations in the world, all the music bands and not a few rock bands have been interested in the music of Aaron Copland, one of the most beloved composers in the United States and most rooted in his tradition. With Ricardo Aguilera we go to Belgium. In the Bandazo, La Lira de […]

generative music. From Brian Eno to videogames – Vandal Game Music

In the column we always talk about music and soundtracks as an immortalized section, either in a linear sense or in the finite reproduction of a loop, but there are also other very widespread methods in video games. And although it is not so easy to talk about them due to their changing form, we […]