the unleashing of violence against Muslims in photos

In the streets of the northeast of the Indian capital, where Hindus and Muslims coexisted, violence raged on Sunday, February 23. Hindu groups opposed a demonstration by Muslims against a controversial citizenship law passed last December. This legislation, considered discriminatory to Muslims by its detractors, is at the origin of a vast protest movement which […]

The CEO of Ryanair defends greater controls for Muslim male travelers | International

Micheal O‘Leary (Kanturk, Ireland, 58 years old) is a walking provocation that always seeks advertising advantage for Ryanair in his outbursts. The last, in an interview granted to the newspaper The times, has unleashed the wrath of Islamic politicians and organizations and has served to demonstrate that populism also exists in business. “Who are the […]

2 Challenges by Boston Students Iran from the Country – NBC Boston

Two Iranian college students have filed civil rights complaints with the US Department of Irish Security, saying they were being abused and illegally arriving in Boston International Airport in Logan. Shahab Dehghani, who attends Northeast University, and Reihana Emami Arandi, who were about to start classes at Harvard University, recently filed specific complaints with the […]