Van Wonderen swallows a big defeat: “With us there is no…

Kees van Wonderen Foto: © Pro Shots SC Heerenveen suffered a big defeat at Sparta on Saturday evening. Trainer Kees van Wonderen saw his team lose no less than 4-0. Still, the coach was of the opinion that the teams were evenly matched. Immediately after the game, Kees van Wonderen analyzed ESPN what was missing […]

I need a loan of 10,000€ every bank rejects me

The following order is no different installment payment reservesAvailableBankRelative friendsemployer pawnshop debt advice If your relatives and friends don’t give you any money and the pawn shop doesn’t give you anything either, then you have to go to debt counseling And no, that’s not presumptuous, it’s presumptuous to open a topic even though it has […]

Wikifolio whispers about Merck Co., Microsoft, Twitter, PayPal, BASF, TUI AG, Hypoport and Tesla

10/11/2022, 4789 characters BSN Podcasts Christian Drastil: Vienna Stock Exchange chat Börsepeople in the podcast S2/18: Diana Kaufhold photo credit 1. The wikifolio principle – trade smarter – make the trading strategies of others your own. With wikifolio certificates, you get the performance of private and professional investors directly into your portfolio. Stocks on the […]