He finds 2,000 euros and keeps them because “money has no name”

He found an envelope of 2,000 euros on the floor of the Náutico car park de Gijón and chose to keep them without alerting anyone or thinking about the owner of the money. The police work allowed identifying and naming the author of this misappropriation, which justified his action by saying that “money has no […]

Barcelona seeks a new commercial name for the Monumental stadium

value Description Indignant 0 Sad 0 Indifferent 3 Surprised one Happy 0 The stadium Monumental it will no longer bear the name of the bank that sponsored the Barcelona. The contract ended in December and for now, the leadership is looking for new brands to rename the sports scene. Carlos Alejandro Alfaro Moreno, President of […]

César Nombela: Human dignity and freedom

César Nombela CanoFOLLOW Updated:04/19/2020 04:27 save A new virus emerges and leaves humanity out in the open. Throughout history, human beings had to face numerous pandemics, many of which devastated entire populations. Some have plotted dystopian scenarios in which a new infectious agent, emerged precisely in China, causes a creepy thriller. But the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus […]

Charging a Maryland-based Mortgage Advisor With 22 Theft Membership – NBC4 Washington

A Maryland-based mortgage adviser is addressing felony theft charges for allegations that they are making payments from a client and lodging it into his personal account. According to the charging documents, a homeowner made 22 payments to Natalie James for Mortgage Help Now, but there is no indication of any payments to the homeowner’s mortgage […]

Florida Man Found Dead in RV Fire This Weekend – NBC 6 South Florida

A dead man was found in an RV fire in Florida, firefighters said. Orange County Fire Rescue says that the fire destroyed the RV in the vicinity of Orlando, but it was not a nearby house. Firefighters arrived six minutes after receiving the call on Saturday to find the vehicle coated in flames and heavy […]