577 deputies – National Assembly

To be a deputy is to exercise a mandate entrusted by the French people in the service of the general interest. Members of Parliament are in constant contact with their fellow citizens. At the Palais-Bourbon, the deputy exercises his legislative and control mission in the hemicycle and in numerous meetings of bodies in which he […]

Composition of the France-Australia friendship group as of July 31, 2021 (table) – – 15th legislature

Mr. Philippe Gomès President Foreign Affairs UDI and Freelancers New Caledonia & nbsp2e M. Marc Delatte Vice-president Social Affairs The Republic in March Aisne&nbsp4e M. Bruno Duvergé Vice-president Finances Democratic Movement (MoDem) and related Democrats Pas-de-Calais & nbsp1re Mrs Agnès Firmin Le Bodo Vice-President Social Affairs Act together Seine-Maritime&nbsp7e Mr. Brahim Hammouche Vice-president Finances Democratic Movement (MoDem) […]

Maduro’s son shows his father’s birth certificate against “lies”

The Chavista deputy Nicolás Maduro Guerra, son of the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro Moros, published this Saturday a birth certificate of his father to refute the “lies” about the nationality of his father, who in the past was labeled as not being Venezuelan. Maduro Guerra published that official certification on his Instagram account, years […]

Françoise Hardy and Line Renaud in favor of euthanasia

The two singers take a stand while a bill on the end of life is being studied in the National Assembly. «When someone comes to have unbearable suffering and is incurable, it is inhumane not to shorten their suffering“Francoise Hardy told franceinfo. The singer takes a stand as the controversial bill to legalize euthanasia is […]

Caldera assures that PJ did propose rotating the leadership of Guaidó in the opposition

The leader Juan Carlos Caldera insisted that “from the Venezuelan opposition there must be a radical and profound change in strategies. By: Web Writing 01:34 PM / 29/10/2020 The leader of Primero Justicia, Juan Carlos Caldera, interviewed by journalist Vladimir Villegas, confirmed that a rotation in the presidency of the so-called interim government was proposed […]

Avignon: an attack led by an identity?

Have we escaped, a few hours after the terrible attack on Notre-Dame basilica in Nice, a response from the extreme right? The facts took place around 11:15 a.m. in Avignon in the Montfavet district. Police officers shot dead a young man who threatened them and passers-by with a handgun. The first information may have made […]

National Assembly celebrates Friendship Day between Nicaragua and Venezuela

With popular folk music from both nations the National Assembly celebrated the Friendship and Fraternity Day of the Republic of Nicaragua and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, act in which solidarity, brotherhood and cooperation between the two peoples were ratified. The celebration was presided over by the Board of Directors of the National Assembly led […]

Lawyer and feminist figure Gisèle Halimi died at 93

Disappearance. The lawyer and former MP Gisèle Halimi died on Tuesday, the day after her 93rd birthday. «She died in serenity, in Paris ”, said one of his three sons, Emmanuel Faux, believing that his mother had had “a beautiful life”. This great feminist figure is notably known for having devoted her life to the […]