The U23 National Football East Asian Cup pre-preparation plan is initially determined. 3 overage players are likely to go with the team_Asian Games_Ongoing_Jankovic

Original title: U23 National Football Team East Asia Cup pre-preparation plan initially determined 3 overage players with high probability to go with the team After three overage players Wu Xi, Zhang Linpeng and Zhang Yuning arrived, the preparations for the 1999 U23 National Football Team for the Hangzhou Asian Games have entered a new stage. […]

Opinion-Naturalized players or completely missed the national football team, Exxon is not qualified in terms of scoring rate_Luo Guofu_China Team_Brazil

Original title: Opinion-A naturalized player or completely missed the national football team is not qualified in terms of scoring rate Following Luo Guofu’s signing of Barclays Nero America, another national football player, Exxon, has also finalized a new owner. On April 13, Beijing time, the Brazilian team Gremio officially announced the joining of Exxon, and […]

″King of chickens″ forces entry into the administration of SAD do Benfica

Administrator appointed by the shareholder elected himself, but society will keep him in the dark. António Pires de Andrade was elected this Monday as director of SAD do Benfica, appointed by shareholder José António dos Santos, known as the “king of chickens”. The company’s general meeting, which had been interrupted on the 6th and resumed […]

Sporting in good position to secure the signing

Marcus Edwards could head to Alvalade Photography: Gonçalo Delgado/Global Images Redaction January 19, 2022 at 9:32 am Topics Emblema leonino and Vitória de Guimarães continue to discuss the transfer of the winger to Alvalade. Frederico Varandas confirmed during Monday’s interview that Sporting intends to offer Marcus Edwards, a player from Vitória de Guimarães, to Rúben […]