France suspends participation in NATO mission because of Turkey | Libya

French President Emmanuel Macron accused Turkey of having “criminal responsibilities” in the chaos Libya is experiencing LUDOVIC MARIN / POOL / LUSA France has informed NATO that it will suspend its participation in the naval operation Sea¬†Guardian until the investigation of the maritime incident that opposed French warships to Turks in the Eastern Mediterranean was […]

France has suspended participation in the NATO mission to Libya because of Turkey

Updates: 01.07.2020 18:33 Released: 01.07.2020, 17:05 Paris – France has suspended its participation in a NATO naval mission off the coast of Libya following a previous clash with Turkish vessels. The AP agency informed about it today, adding that the French decision comes at a time of growing tensions over Libya within the North Atlantic […]

Analyst: Russian S-400 provoked a split in NATO

According to RT, an expert from the Association of Military Political Scientists Andrei Koshkin spoke about a serious split in the ranks of NATO member countries in connection with the purchase of Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems. “Clarification of relations between Turkey and the United States regarding the purchase of Russian S-400s has become a […]

US officials intercepted transfers from Russia to Taliban bank accounts | USA

After reporting that President Donald Trump was informed in February by secret services that he suspected Russia was paying rewards to groups close to the Taliban who killed US soldiers in Afghanistan, the New York Times on Tuesday revealed that US authorities intercepted bank transfers from Moscow to the Islamist group. According to the American […]

Pentagon to offer Tramp options for withdrawing US troops from Germany – Abroad – News

“Minister Esper met with President Trump on Wednesday to discuss our presence in Europe,” Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said. “On Monday, the Minister in the White House will inform the President about the options regarding the location of our forces in Germany.” According to two senior Pentagon officials, who wished to remain anonymous, the plan […]

Trump admits strengthening Poland with soldiers withdrawn from Germany | Europe

In politics, as in diplomacy, images count as much as decisions, and even more so when it comes to Donald Trump. The President of the United States opened post-quarantine receptions at the White House last Wednesday, welcoming his Polish counterpart. Alongside Andrzej Duda, who is running a very close presidential election this Sunday, Trump confirmed […]