Warren Buffett celebrates his nineties. He started investing at the age of eleven

Buffet conglomerates are involved in about 90 companies in various fields. In fact, there are also significant shares in a number of well-known companies, such as the world’s largest producer of soft drinks, Coca-Cola, which Buffett loves. And his empire was able to cope with the coronavirus crisis. In the second quarter, after a record […]

Coronavirus in exhaled air is arguably infectious, researchers say

The coronavirus causing COVID-19 has been found for months on multiple objects in hotel or hospital rooms, as well as suspended in the air, but until a pre-published study this week, it didn’t aerosolized virus particles had never been shown to be sufficiently intact to replicate and cause infection. • Read also: Trump encourages “everyone” […]

an ode to the dreamed woman

In 1987, the American novelist gives life to a magnificent heroine who encamps in the desert, chases storms behind the wheel of his car, rides his mare, dives into the waters of the Niobrara and howls in the night hoping for the response of a coyote . Jim Harrison. TERA Witi / © TERA Witi […]

Covid-19 to kill 100,000 in the US by June

About half of the fifty American states have embarked on the partial reopening of their economy these days, from Indiana to Texas via Minnesota or Florida, strongly encouraged by US President Donald Trump. His administration however anticipates almost a doubling of the number of daily deaths from Covid-19 by the beginning of June, according to […]

A Nebraska Coronavirus patient was transported

A terrifying photo shows the extreme measures taken to safely transport Nebraska’s first coronavirus case – an Omaha woman who recently contracted the virus on a trip to the UK. The 36-year-old woman had been treated in an Omaha hospital for mild symptoms until Friday. Then her infection worsened, officials told Omaha.com. She was transported […]

Coronavirus deaths increase to 19 in the United States

There are more than 370 cases reported, 21 of them on a cruise off the coast of California The almost empty John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) in NY shows the impact of flight cancellations by the coronavirus. Photo: Spencer Platt / Getty Images MIAMI – The new COVID-19 coronavirus continues its spread in the United […]