Bill Gates: in the 2030 Agenda, prepare for the next pandemic – EXPO 2020

(ANSA) – DUBAI, 16 JAN – To achieve the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ of the 2030 Agenda within the next eight years, we need to prepare for the next global pandemic, this is the message launched by Bill Gates who spoke in connection with the Forum on Global Goals for All, organized at the Dubai Expo […]

Need for Speed. La intensa autorradio de EA Canada – Vandal Game Music

The music of the nineties marked many of the first video games on CD, currents such as the trance, the breakbeat or the drum and bass they easily sneaked into sports and racing titles. In this scenario, there was a saga that had a very ambitious team of musicians who managed to launch their music […]

Córdoba and its need to empower itself with its emerging art

Something of truth must exist when many Cordobans think that, in practice, that everything that comes from outside is better than what is natural in Córdoba. And if it is not better, at least it is more feasible that they go to see an exhibition of a painter from outside, that of a Cordovan. It […]

Free Download Hot Twitter Feeds For Sony Ericsson W395

Hot Twitter Feeds Feed Twitter live on hot topics and top users, delivered instantly in any language on your mobile. Get instant updates on unrest in Middle Eastern countries Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Tunisia and more. (GPRS connection required – very low data). .

Berlin Airport Asks For Cash To Avoid Bankruptcy – Last Hour

(ANSA) – BERLIN, OCTOBER 30 – The Berlin-Brandenburg airport, which opened last year after an eight-year delay, already needs a quick injection of liquidity to avoid bankruptcy. “We need the money fast, we need the cash,” CEO Aletta von Massenbach told the Tagesspiegel newspaper. Sufficient liquidity is needed to continue operating “until the first quarter […]

Putin, China does not need to use force with Taiwan – Last Hour

(ANSA) – BEIJING, OCTOBER 14 – China “does not need to use force” for the desired “reunification” with Taiwan. Russian President Vladimir Putin, in an interview with CNBC, cited President Xi Jinping’s recent comments suggesting the possibility of peaceful reunification and Beijing’s “state philosophy” that there is no threat of military confrontation. “I think China […]

How much water per day do we really need to drink?

If you spent any time on social media or were at a sporting event lately, you were sure bombarded with messages of encouragement for you to drink more water. Influential celebrities carry bottles of water from almost 4 liters as the new fashion accessory. Twitter bots constantly remind us to spend more time hydrating. Some […]