Net purchase of dollars for hoarding grew more than 400% in April

On the contrary, due to the closure at the borders of many countries by the coronavirus, the expenses incurred by card for consumption abroad they recorded a strong 174% contraction in the monthly comparison since in March they had been just below US $ 150 million and in April they fell to US $ 50 […]

The Norwegian far-right attacks in networks who shows off a UN pin | Global World Blog

Should members of the government pin down the UN’s sustainability goals as the country sidesteps the coronavirus crisis? This question has fueled the political debate in Norway, both in the halls of Parliament, the Storting, and on social media. The multi-colored donut icon representing the 2030 Agenda to achieve the 17 United Nations-promoted Sustainable Development […]

Facebook released its new design and remodeled its entire cover

The novelty of is the variation on the cover, now the sections are divided into three columns And the top bar works to access the main menu, the application’s chat, videos and streams. However, not only was the cover remodeled, the profiles were also redesigned with an update that improves navigation. Facebook The new Facebook […]

The Blit educational project on identity, online

The Center for Contemporary Art of Girona, the Bòlit, presents this Saturday at 12 noon, through the Zoom platform, Under construction, a project included in the Bòlit Mentor initiative to bring the visual arts closer to secondary schools. The proposals developed by the artists Mireia Ferron, Azucena Moya and Ingrid Riera, with the curation of […]

Anna Castillo, against censorship on Instagram | Talent

He takes pictures in analog, but considers himself a digital person. “The best thing about technology is its practicality, it solves your life; the worst thing is that it distances you a little from the real world ”, reflects Anna Castillo (Barcelona, ​​1993), winner of a Goya for The olive (2017) and protagonist of The […]

Sant Jordi: Calm on the street, bustle on the net

Empty streets in an unusual Sant Jordi, with a calm and silence that contrasts with the usual frenzy of the day. Not a trace of books and roses, beyond those distributed these days by the establishments that serve at home, and even less than the agglomerations of rambling badocs in areas that are traditionally the […]

Theatrical, literries, musicals and cinematic proposals fill the network this weekend

Networks continue to fill up this weekend with proposals online both theatrical, literary, artistic, musical and cinematic. Among the online offerings for this week are the theaters promoted by Focus theaters with the videos of directors and actors such as Josep Maria Pou, Pere Arquillué, Clara Segura, Bruno Oro, Mònica Pérez and Ivan Morales, among […]

Faster Internet and lower prices on some of your packages

The Mexican telecommunications company announced the new modality of some of its Internet packages, in the midst of the pandemic that caused the coronavirus. While the world suffers a health emergency, generated by the coronavirus, the Mexican telecommunications company, Telmex, announced a discount on some of their service packages. The purpose is to motivate your […]