The Netherlands and 31 other states support Kyiv in ICJ ‘genocide case’

The Kremlin claimed at the time that the invasion was necessary to prevent a genocide in eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russian insurgents had been fighting the Ukrainian armed forces since 2014. Kyiv went to the ICJ a few days after the invasion because Moscow allegedly abused international agreements to justify an invasion with false claims. Russia […]

International Tattoo Convention: Showcasing the Best Artists in Amsterdam Art Celebration: Top Tattoo Artists Gather in Amsterdam Art Celebration: Top Tattoo Artists Gather in Amsterdam The International Tattoo Convention takes place in the Netherlands. This annual event brings together the most talented artists of this art from… 09/17/2023, Sputnik Mundo 2023-09-17T16:02+0000 2023-09-17T16:02+0000 2023-09-17T16:02+0000 multimedia amsterdam tattoos Netherlands 🌍 europa 🎭 art and culture […]

UNESCO urges the Netherlands to stop extracting gas and salt in the Wadden Sea

world heritageThe World Heritage Committee of UNESCO calls on the Netherlands to no longer issue new permits for the extraction of, among other things, gas and salt under the Wadden Sea. The call stems from a decision taken on Wednesday, Frank Petersen of the Wadden Association told this site. He speaks of a unique decision […]

Learn English, Spanish, Italian etc. – expert gives tips for adults

Education Foreign languages: This is the best way to learn as an adult 10.09.2023, 13:58 | Reading time: 6 minutes Chinese is very popular with Russians Chinese is very popular with Russians More and more Russians want to learn Chinese; Language schools are experiencing a boom. Because of Western sanctions as a result of the […]

VNG petitions parliament: don’t let the Netherlands stand still

On Wednesday 12 September, the House of Representatives will determine which topics will be declared controversial, or in other words: which files will be passed on to the next cabinet. The House will then vote on lists that will be compiled next week by the various House of Representatives committees, such as those for the […]