Including Moroccans… 197 people belonging to international drug smuggling networks were arrested

Nador City: Follow Spanish security services arrested 197 people, including Moroccans, belonging to criminal gangs specialized in international drug smuggling and organized crime. The Spanish security authorities were able to arrest members of the aforementioned criminal groups, as part of an operation coordinated with Europol. Yesterday, Friday, the Spanish police said in a statement that […]

Miguel Cabrera Enters Final Stretch of Extraordinary MLB Career

Miguel Cabrera, the Venezuelan who was once considered one of the best hitters in the Major Leagues, is entering the final stretch of his extraordinary career. A few days before the end of the regular season, the Venezuelan continues to climb steps in the offensive rankings. Detroit Tigers continued his tour of California, after sweeping […]

Parents should guide their children about the risks on the internet and social networks

Ministry of Education offers recommendations to avoid cyberbullying and situations of violence in virtual environments Although the use of technology through social networks allows more interactive learning in our children, there are many risks and types of violence in virtual environments such as cyberbullying that affects both their academic performance and their socio-emotional well-being. The […]

Senegal: Cut to social networks, Another Macky Sall Stupidity that goes wrong…

Senegalese armed forces patrolling the streets of Dakar, June 2, 2023, following violent protests | Photo: AFP Mobilization, calls to demonstrate, publication of videos, social networks participated in the outbreak of the protest after the conviction of opponent Ousmane Sonko in Senegal to two years in prison for youth corruption. But for a few days […]

Netflix Faces Backlash over Limiting Account Sharing Policy, Mocked by Competitors

The streaming platform changed its policies and the criticism does not stop. Netflix is ​​coming under fire after limiting account sharing. Now, subscribers must pay a little more for each additional user who uses the service outside of their home. The competition did not miss this opportunity and mocked Netflix. Amazon used Prime […]