Navarro Montoya’s harsh response to those who hit him for leaving Boca

It did not go in the best way according to some and they let him know. Social networks are like that, they do not forgive. But he was not silent and responded with tip caps to criticism. After being introduced as the brand new coach and general director of CD Guadalajara, which plays in the […]

The Dipy criticized the government at the Mirtha table and the networks burned

In the midst of his great moment of popularity (thanks to the fact that his music reached the Paris Saint Germain dressing room), the singer El Dipy went through the Mirtha Legrand program, where she was encouraged to talk about the economy the country, provoking endless comments. Indeed, during the last week, the musician drew […]

Terror in the networks: I met the diadem bat

In the last hours, nets social were filled with photos of a stranger bat, similar in size to a human, which generated terror among users due to their impressive size. It is the diadem bat, the largest bat in the world, with an average measurement of 1.5 meters and a weight of up to 1.2 […]

Zuckerberg does not intend to be intimidated by Facebook’s advertising boycott

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has told his employees that he will not be swayed by the massive advertising boycott against his platform, led by organizations and advertisers, including Coca-Cola and Starbucks, who are calling for more regulation. strict racist and hateful content. “We are not going to change our rules or our approach on anything […]