Zara: Shoplifters manage to outsmart new security system

Chief executive Oscar García Maceiras unveiled the new technology in March and promised to test it in all Zara stores this summer. The system is based on tiny RFID chips, eliminating hard plastic tags on clothing that cashiers have to remove. The new technology has already faced problems. Employees in several states have raised concerns […]

Exploring the Latest Technological Advances at the Munich Motor Show

Euronews is at the Munich Motor Show to reveal the latest technological advances that are shaping the current and future landscape of the automotive industry. Once again this year, the Munich Motor Show saw an unprecedented convergence between the automotive industry and technology, with the biggest names in the sector showcasing their latest models and […]

China Implements Ban on Apple Products for State Employees

Visitors flock to the reopening of the newly renovated Shanghai Apple Store on August 23. CFOTO/Sipa USA via Reuters Connect His banishment from all state administrations and companies caused the stock to fall by 10% in three days. «China welcomes products and services from any country as long as they comply with China’s laws and […]

Honor’s Magic V2: Can it Challenge Samsung’s Foldable Phone Monopoly in Europe?

Magic V2, the foldable smartphone from Chinese Honor measures 4.70 mm thick when unfolded. Honor The Chinese are doubling their ambitions with their Magic V2 and want to shake up the Korean monopoly in Europe. Can Honor shake up Samsung’s near-monopoly on the foldable phone in Europe? This Friday, on the occasion of the opening […]

Facebook Spain Records Losses Despite Increased Activity

He gigante digital Meta re-register losses in Spain despite triggering its activity. Facebook Spainthe Spanish subsidiary of the group, registered red numbers of 4.97 million euros last year, compared to the profit of 2.7 million obtained in the previous year, according to the accounts deposited by the firm in the Mercantile Registry. Facebook Spain, which […]

Elon Musk Announces Plans to Remove “Block” Functionality on Social Network X

By J.T. Posted yesterday at 7:51 p.m., Updated yesterday at 8:40 p.m. Entrepreneur and billionaire Elon Musk. TINGSHU WANG / REUTERS However, this future ban will not be applied to private messages, said the boss of the social network, ex-Twitter. “That does not make any sense.” In his train of reform of the social network […]

Medicine could “run the risk of being automated by artificial intelligence”

The OECD recently announced that 27% of jobs in major countries rely on skills that could easily be automated amid the AI ​​revolution. A major report on artificial intelligence (AI) and employment has revealed that 27% of jobs could be at high risk of automation amid the AI ​​revolution. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and […]

an interactive guide for doctors

Tap into the knowledge of Sermo’s community of over a million physicians and get your questions answered in just minutes We all know that the healthcare industry is changing faster than ever. With so many new treatment options emerging, many healthcare professionals feel overwhelmed or have concerns about the safety and effectiveness of these new […]

“Smart drones violate the Republican Equal Treatment Clause”

For the 2024 Olympics, the government had the Assembly vote a bunch of disparate laws ranging from genetic doping control to camera drones to ensure our safety. The Constitutional Council comes to endorse this project. He therefore considers that, despite the fears expressed by the MEPs behind his referral, this project does not entail any“serious […]