NYT, ‘extended investigation of Trump in NY, Ivanka involved’ – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, NOVEMBER 20 – The New York investigators investigating Donald Trump and the Trump Organization have extended the investigation to some tax deductions for millions of dollars related to some consultations. Part of this money, reports the New York Times, would have ended up in Ivanka Trump’s pockets. Such tax deductions have come […]

Donald Trump’s chief of staff infected with coronavirus

EAccording to media reports, one of President Donald Trump’s key employees has contracted the corona virus. Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows had tested positive for the virus, the channels CNN and CBS as well as the newspaper “New York Times” reported unanimously on Saturday night. The White House refused to comment when asked. Meadows […]

[Pick] “I will report” a man climbed the New York Times exterior wall

An American man was caught climbing up a building on the outer wall of the New York Times (NYT), a leading American daily newspaper, saying he would report. On the 15th of the local time, foreign media such as CBS News reported that a man in his 50s wearing a backpack in shabby clothes was […]

The New York Times now has 5 million subscribers

The New York Times announced in November, when publishing its quarterly financial results, that it was approaching the symbolic threshold of 5 million subscribers. It is now done, announced Tuesday its CEO Mark Thompson. This figure aggregates digital and paper subscribers. Thus, 900,000 people receive at home the printed version of the New York Times. […]

TV duel in the US: Leading Republicans criticize Trump after a wild debate

WDuring the debate with his Democratic challenger Joe Biden, Trump had refused to condemn right-wing groups. “Who should I judge?” Trump asked the moderator on Tuesday. He also sent a two-faced message to the right-wing radical “Proud Boys”. The American head of state asked them in front of 30 million viewers: “Hold back and be […]

USA: Billionaire Trump begs for donations for election campaign

The Republicans had $ 1.1 billion for their campaign – most of the budget has now been used up. Not so with challenger Joe Biden. From Karl Doemens Usually boasts Donald Trump with success stories. But the mail that the US President wrote to his supporters under the banner of his campaign a few days […]

Shed and Vessel: A Visit to Hudson Yards in New York

ET’s not proper, it’s basically crude to find the Hudson Yards in New York cool or even acceptable. The Hudson Yards – that’s an area of ​​about eleven hectares on the west side of Manhattan, not far from Penn Station, where there was actually nothing until yesterday. To be more precise, there were Long Island […]