Coronavirus Covid may erase decades of health advancement: WHO

Reuters Geneva / 31.08.2020 09:37:47 More than 90 percent of countries have seen ordinary health services disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, leaving decades-long advances in health care vulnerable to disappearing in a short period of time, a survey by the World Health Organization (WHO) showed. The Geneva-based body has frequently warned of other vital programs […]

Without a doctor or medicine for 8 years a town in the south of Q. Roo

CHETUMAL, Q. Roo.- Although the community of San Fernando It has a new medical dispensary, for 8 years it has not had a doctor or medicines, despite the fact that it is located more than two hours and more than one hundred kilometers from the rural area of ​​the municipality of Bacalar. In the town […]

In pictures, these are the mysterious living stones that are reproduced in Europe

In the small town of Costesti, in Romania, the Trovanti Museum is located: a nature reserve that houses some mysterious rocks called Trovants. Their name means stones that grow because that is precisely what they do. These rocks may be six million years old. Photo: Anca B. via TripAdvisor The phenomenon has caught the attention […]

Governor of Meta denounces threats from deforestation mafias I Colombia today

Miguel Botache Santillana, alias ‘Gentil Duate‘, commander of the FARC dissidents, would be forging a plan to attack the governor of Meta, Juan Guillermo Zuluaga. The president himself was in charge of ratifying the information. Zuluaga pointed out that a military intelligence report delivered to the Minister of Defense, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, corroborated suspicions about […]

Thursday is decided ‘Emergency button’

Rosario Alvarez Guadalajara / 28.07.2020 20:29:46 This Tuesday it was brought to the health table, where the Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, and state authorities analyzed the updated figures in terms of hospital capacity and the rate of infections of covid-19 in the last weeks. Through a video published on his social networks, the state […]

Economy: Price of the dollar today July 2 in Colombia

Reference Image – Getty Images It will be helpful for many Colombians who want to buy some products from abroad. By Publimetro Colombia Thursday, July 02, 2020, at 10:40 Reference Image – Getty Images Today could be a good day for Colombians. The dollar fell sharply today. This is the price of the dollar today […]

Did Ivan Lalinde leave with RCN rage as many viewers believed? (TV)

Did Ivan Lalinde leave with RCN rage as many viewers believed? And it is that the presenter spoke of his passage through the channel in the middle of a live with the 15 Minutes magazine. First, he stated that he took great moments, experiences, friends and many gray hairs from the channel. And to solve […]

NEWS: They create a necklace that helps prevent the spread of coronavirus

This is how this novel invention created during a pandemic works. They create a necklace that helps prevent the spread of coronavirus. In the midst of the current worldwide pandemic, studies are focused not only on finding a cure for the virus, but also on ways to prevent its spread. NASA engineers have created a […]