One of Africa’s best-known musicians married 27 women in one day

It is no exaggeration to say that Fela Kuti is one of the most influential African musicians who has allowed the Western world to learn more about the continent’s musical culture and the Afrobeat genre that blends it with funk and jazz. Kuti’s life story is surrounded by many legends, one of the strangest of […]

the government suspects the jihadists of Iswap

The Nigerian government said Thursday it suspects the Islamic State-affiliated jihadist group Iswap was behind Sunday’s attack on a church in southwestern Nigeria that left 40 people dead, including children. The attack occurred during morning services at St Francis Catholic Church in the town of Owo, located more than 1,000 kilometers from the areas where […]

Catholic Church Attacked at Mass, 50 People Slaughtered

loading… St. Francis Catholic Church in Owo, Nigeria, was attacked by armed groups during Holy Mass on Sunday (5/6/2022). As many as 50 people were killed. Photo/BBC ABUJA – Gunmen attacked a church Catholics in the southwest Nigeria during mass on Sundays. As many as 50 people, including women and children, were killed. Several Nigerian […]

Nigeria, the deputy parish priest: “We continue to be witnesses of unity”

Father Abayomi recounts the moments of fear he experienced on Pentecost Sunday: “The children clung to me, telling me to pray.” He recounts that he went to hospitals to visit the wounded and refers to the number of dead. He reiterates that the government must be involved in guaranteeing “the safety of life and property […]

Attack on Catholic church leaves at least 50 dead in Nigeria | The World | D.W.

Dozens of people, at least 50 according to different sources, were killed in an attack this Sunday morning (06.05.2022) against a Catholic church in Ondo state, southwestern Nigeria. According to the first testimonies, five armed men entered the place and opened fire indiscriminately. Among the victims there are also women and children. One of the […]

Monkey pox: what we know about the virus detected in Europe and North America

A first case of monkeypox was detected in Francehealth authorities announced on Friday. Since May 14, confirmed cases of infection with this virus not directly linked to travel to Central or West Africa have been reported in several countries in Europe, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Italy, as well as the United States and […]

Nigerian Airlines Struggle to Face Soaring Fuel Prices

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Plans of a number of airlines from Nigeria who want to temporarily stop domestic flights as a result of rising fuel prices, have not been carried out. The Nigerian Airline Association on Sunday, May 8, 2022, said the cancellation of the plan was carried out before it took effect. Aviation operators in […]

Africa can help Europe ditch Russian gas | Africa | DW

Russia recently followed through on its threats by cutting off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria. Other countries like Germany or even all the members of the European Union could follow. The Russian group Gazprom thus announced on April 27 that it had suspended its deliveries to these two EU member countries, assuring that they […]