New Pokémon games sold ten million times in three days | Tech

The new Pokémongames for the Nintendo Switch set sales records at Nintendo. In the first three days of sales, the games sold ten million copies worldwide. The Japanese company brought Pokémon Scarlet in Pokemon Purple out on November 18. More than four million copies were sold in Japan alone. This is also a record on […]

Diablo 4 is coming out sooner than we expect

If someone had asked me when Diablo 4 would be released, I would have said that it would be in the second half of 2023 at the earliest. However, according to new unofficial information, I would be wrong. Blizzard is reportedly planning to release Diablo 4 already in April 2023. Nick Baker of the Xbox […]

Sonic Frontiers: Lead Composer Regrets Recent Soundtrack Leaks – ntower

With Sonic Frontiers SEGA’s Sonic Team wants to breathe new life into the action adventure with the iconic hedgehog. Our new one will tell you whether the new open zone concept is convincing at first glance preview. But also new ones Soundtracks are part of the new adventure. Like other games before it, Sonic Frontiers […]

Get a double bonus for purchases in the eShop now

If you regularly buy new games from the Nintendo eShop, you can look forward to the future: for a short time you will receive double the number of gold points for your purchases. This can really pay off with the proud prices that the in-house store offers for Nintendo Switch games. The campaign in the […]

Xbox boss would be thrilled to play Call of Duty on Nintendo Switch

Phil Spencer, boss of Xbox, has revealed during a recent Wall Street Journal event that he would be delighted to be able to enjoy Xbox video games. Call of Duty en Nintendo Switch (va Nintendo Everything). “Call of Duty be available on PlayStation [tras la adquisicin de Activision Blizzard por parte de Microsoft]. I would […]

Square Enix Secures Multiple Names at Japan Patent Office – ntower

Square Enix has adopted the terms “Emberstoria” and “SaGa Emerald Beyond“ Secured. Branding is a common process in the video game industry and can sometimes give a sneak preview of what projects each studio is working on. It is not known what Emberstoria is, but the word Emberstoria Overwrite was registered as early as April. […]