Arlonnaise has no memory of the accident

Posted on Wednesday, September 15, 2021 at 8:20 p.m. Through L.N. Sixty years old, a lady appeared before the Arlon Criminal Court on Wednesday for drunk driving with 4.6g of alcohol in her blood, a record according to the king’s prosecutor. “I think we can say that it is a record for this court.” The […]

Chiropractors cannot excuse the use of masks in Florida schools

Miami, Sep 1 (EFE) .- The certifications for not using masks in public schools issued by a Florida chiropractor, who has had dozens of people lining up at his office, will not be accepted by the Sarasota school district, in the west coast of the state. Because of this case, the Sarasota school board, one […]

The salary cut provokes discussions in the Barcelona dressing room

Laporta, obsessed in selling to several footballers Team captains have the highest salaries, and although they agree with reducing the salary, they want it to be a coral discount, Y not proportional to each contract, as reported by Mundo Deportivo. From the sports management it is advocated that the players who earn the most, suffer […]

Laporta meditates bringing some Barcelona players to trial!

According to Mundo Deportivo, Joan Laporta the August 15th What deadline to get players with higher salaries to apply the necessary discount to save the club’s accounts. The Barça president must manage to reduce the wage bill by more than 200 million euros, something that right now seems almost impossible. Conditioning to sale from some […]

“I’m sure my brother didn’t know them, they cheated on him”

A week later the sadness persists. Lucas Calleja is 34 years old and is one of the three brothers of Gonzalo (29), the accountant murdered in Paraná. He speaks on the way to the march organized by friends of the family in the courts to ask for justice, and says that they are still “sad […]