How to belong to an elite of giants with a normal size?

Facundo Campazzo goes to the NBA with almost 30 years, leaving behind a path of legend of ACB and Euroleague basketball, a journey based on a lot of struggle against the current, but above all with great humility, ability to work and listen. The height of Campazzo (179 cm.), is, today, just 3 cm. above […]

Covid-19. Vaccine maker BioNTech expects return to normal in a year

The general manager of the German company BioNTech, which has developed a vaccine against the new coronavirus with Pfizer, spoke on Sunday of a possible return to normal by next winter. On the BBC, Professor Ugur Sahin estimated “Absolutely essential” to have a high vaccination rate before the fall of 2021. “If everything continues to […]

How healthy is orange juice?

news European joint study explores positive effects by PM (13.11.2020) Scientists from three leading research institutions in their disciplines will start the clinical research project HESPER-HEALTH from spring 2021. It aims to investigate how regular consumption of orange juice can help maintain normal blood pressure and improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system. B. Sc. […]

How to operate as normally as possible in times of disruption | Communications

Do you want to know how NFON helps in digital transformation processes? Read his blog Many things that we consider “normal” are called into question when the unexpected happens. One of the main shocks we face today is how much the workplace has changed. With the rise of mobile work and the coronavirus pandemic, traditional […]

Supermarket spending returns to ‘normal’ after four months on the rise

The grocery shopping returned to normal during the month of July after four months shot by Covid-19According to the figures managed by the consulting firm Nielsen, which is already entering a “new stage” marked by economic difficulties. The data collected by Nielsen Spain they point to a 4.5% increase in supermarket spending in July compared […]