Yellow dust storm with corona coming from China; North Korea not to go out

Neighboring North Korea fears carriers of the yellow dust corona virus from China. Authorities have issued a stern warning to the public to tackle Yellow Dust. People are advised not to go out for any reason and to stay indoors. Yellow dust is a sandstorm that blows from the deserts of China and Mongolia every […]

CGTN Television Reports 70 Years of Chinese News

Last Friday China held a 70th anniversary event of the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army marching towards the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. To join the war against the US invasion and help North Korea (1950-1953). Color president China’s Jinping Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission Made a speech […]

“North Korean fishing boats disappeared at Daehwa-fu fishing grounds in the East Sea, and Chinese fishing boats surged… Japanese troubles”

news “North Korean fishing boats disappeared at Daehwa-fu fishing grounds in the East Sea, and Chinese fishing boats surged… Japanese troubles” Last updated 2020.10.22 09:02Article input 2020.10.21 14:05 Chinese fishing boats in operation / Not related to the article. [이미지출처=연합뉴스] [아시아경제 정현진 기자] The Asahi Shimbun reported on the 21st that the number of Chinese […]

[월드리포트] Even the expression of Xi Jinping’enemy’… China raises the fever of’launching the Korean War’

The ’70th Anniversary of Anti-American Aid Exhibition’ opened on October 19 at the People’s Revolutionary Military Museum in Beijing, China. China calls the Korean War a’anti-US aid’ war because it’helped North Korea against the United States’. The coming 25th is the 70th anniversary of China’s anti-US aid. During the Korean War, Chinese troops crossed the […]

Human Rights Watch: North Korea treats suspects worse than animals | NOW

Crime suspects arrested in North Korea are routinely tortured and humiliated in detention, a Human Rights Watch (HRW) report released Monday. “You are worth less than an animal,” said one of the respondents. The report is based on conversations with 22 North Koreans who fled the country after 2011. In that year, Kim Jong-un came […]

Kim Jong-un blinks away tears during emotional speech in …

During a military parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of the North Korean Workers’ Party, Kim Jong-un apologized to his people. The leader of the communist country even had to shed a tear at one point. “My efforts and dedication were not enough,” he told the weeping crowd. According to the North Korean regime, […]

The DPRK showed an intercontinental missile during military celebrations

The edited footage from state television showed the weapon on a transporter with 11 wheels on each side, Reuters reported, recalling that North Korea had not conducted a ballistic missile test for more than half a year. However, at the party meeting last December, the leader of the totalitarian state, Kim Jong-un, promised that the […]

Kim Jong-un warns Trump that he will “pay dearly” for his threats | The World | DW

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has warned US President Donald Trump that he will pay dearly for his “eccentric” speech to the UN, in which he threatened to totally destroy North Korea, they reported this Thursday (21.09. .2017) Pyongyang’s state media. Read also: UN: Trump threatens North Korea with “total destruction” Donald Trump announces more […]