UK Government Plans to Issue New Oil and Gas Drilling Licenses to Enhance Energy Security

The British government wants to issue hundreds of new licenses for oil and gas drilling, especially in the North Sea. “Now more than ever, it is imperative that we strengthen our energy security,” Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said on Monday. Private households and companies in Great Britain are dependent on “cheaper and cleaner energy”. However, […]

Norwegian Armed Forces observe increased Russian activities in northern waters

The Norwegian armed forces confirm to the Norwegian newspaper Nettavisen that they observe increased Russian activities in the northern waters. Norwegian Navy patrols the country’s oil platforms.(Photo: Norwegian Armed Forces) “We expect greater activity from allies and Russians in our sea areas in the future. The Russians are sailing legally in international waters, but the […]

“Inn2POWER connects 1,999 SMEs in North Sea region with online directory for offshore wind and green hydrogen”

Yellow pages for offshore wind and green hydrogen: Inn2POWER helped 1,999 SMEs expand into interregional markets (WK-intern) – The Inn2POWER project, started in 2016, is a transnational collaboration between thirteen project partners from five European countries. The project connects companies from the offshore wind energy and green hydrogen sectors in the North Sea region in […]

Moscow is waging submarine warfare against the West

Fishing boats that don’t fish, ships that switch off their transponders: Scandinavian research again indicates that Moscow has plans to sabotage Western gas pipelines and internet and electricity cables on the seabed. When large holes were blown in the Nord Stream gas pipeline in September last year, it was all hands on deck in Europe. […]

British Navy escorts two Russian warships in the North Sea British Navy escorts Russian warships through the English Channel NOS News•Monday, 8:43 PM The British Navy escorts two Russian warships on their way through the English Channel. According to the British Navy, these are the frigate Admiral Kasatonov and the supporting freighter Akademik Pasjin. The Admiral Kasatonov fleet has been operating in the eastern […]