Johnson hopes it will come into force quickly

London. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson hopes his controversial law to overturn the Brexit agreements on Northern Ireland can come into force quickly. The bill, which passed Monday night’s second reading in the House of Commons, could become law by the end of the year, Johnson told the BBC. Despite some fierce criticism from within […]

Johnson Downplays Northern Ireland Protocol – Radio Berg

London (AP) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has downplayed the dispute with the EU over his government’s plans to annul the Brexit agreements for Northern Ireland. In an interview with the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” and other European newspapers, he described the criticism from Brussels as “very moderate”. Everyone involved would be interested in finding “creative […]

Johnson is looking for a dispute (daily newspaper Junge Welt)

Justin Tallis/PA Wire/dpa “Brexit” trouble as a diversionary tactic: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (St Ives, June 13, 2022) The deputy leader of the Irish Republican party Sinn Féin (SF), Michelle O’Neill, described the step as “completely reckless”: On Monday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson published a draft law that would include the so-called Northern […]

“Northern Ireland exploited”: Sinn Fein boss accuses Johnson of an ego trip

“Northern Ireland instrumentalised” Sinn Fein boss accuses Johnson of ego tripping 6/12/2022, 4:04 p.m The British prime minister barely survives a vote of no confidence. Since then, Brexit hardliners have been pressuring him to “fix” the Northern Ireland Protocol. Sinn Fein boss accuses Johnson of only serving his political ego with the EU treaty dispute. […]

A new era in Northern Ireland? Sinn Féin won the regional elections

The Nationalists defeated the Unionists for the first time. BELFAST. The Sinn Féin Nationalist Party will, for the first time, be the largest political entity in the Northern Irish Parliament after moving the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to second place in regional elections. Sinn Féin has 27 seats in the 90-member rally, also known as […]

A fuse on a powder keg: Brexit dispute over Northern Ireland escalates

RTL>news>newsticker> 03 February 2022 – 19:27 Clock Belfast/Brussels/London (dpa) – The dispute over Brexit special rules for Northern Ireland is endangering stability in the British part of the country. The negotiations between Brussels and London are threatened with a severe setback and the end of the regional government in Belfast. According to observers, this could […]

Northern Ireland bus hijacked and set on fire

Four men hijacked and set fire to a bus in Northern Ireland. The incident took place in a pro-British suburb of Belfast. There have been no casualties. The passengers and driver were ejected from the bus by the hijackers. Northern Ireland’s Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon has criticized the perpetrators on Twitter. “The buses are paid […]

Christmas products scarce: Talks about Brexit rules continue

Sunday October 24th 2021 Christmas products scarce Talks about Brexit rules continue The dispute over the Brexit rules for Northern Ireland has stalled. The British announce renewed talks with the EU Commission in the coming week. You continue to criticize the role of the European Court of Justice as the highest arbitration body. London and […]