Actors of the Passion of Sparrowhawks that died in the last year | Liliana Lozano Garzon | Telemundo | Netflix | Colombia | united States | USA | EU | US Fame

Seventeen years after its release, “Passion of gavilanes” came to Netflix to relive the love story of the sisters Elizondo and the brothers of Kings, this time in a new format. LOOK: Do you really had a bad work environment in “Pasión de gavilanes”? Starring Danna García, Mario Cimarro, Paola Rey, Juan Alfonso Baptista, Natasha […]

Woody Allen’s version of events

The filmmaker’s autobiography will be published in France by Stock on June 3. Woody Allen and his wife Soon-Yi, to whom the book is dedicated, in 2019 in Barcelona. Splash News / Splash News / ABACA Woody Allen is a thriller. In the United States, his Memoirs were announced and then canceled. A second publisher […]

an ode to the dreamed woman

In 1987, the American novelist gives life to a magnificent heroine who encamps in the desert, chases storms behind the wheel of his car, rides his mare, dives into the waters of the Niobrara and howls in the night hoping for the response of a coyote . Jim Harrison. TERA Witi / © TERA Witi […]

“At Furet du Nord, we never let go of the link with our customers”

LIBRARY WORDS – Franck Brunet, director of the book, insists on health security, “reassuring”, set up in the large Lille bookstore. “What we will miss are the meetings with the authors”. Le Furet du Nord, an institution on the main square Charles-de-Gaulle in Lille which reopened to the public on May 11. PHILIPPE HUGUEN / […]

“I wanted the reader to be shocked”: Inès Bayard in conversation

I.nès Bayard stands at her kitchen window and smokes a cigarette, with coffee, black of course. Bayard looks the way you imagine a young French writer. Only that she no longer lives in Paris, but has been a Berliner for two years. Bayard speaks German well, but she only wants to speak about her debut […]

Publishers back with ambitious programming

Between the books published before the confinement and the novelties expected in May and June, readers should quickly find their happiness. Two years after the success of The Disappearance of Stephanie Mailer, Joël Dicker returns with a fifth novel, The Mystery of Room 622. DENIS DUPOUY / Le Figaro Let’s say it straight away: publishers […]

“Post-containment is an unprecedented challenge that raises many questions”

The president of the Syndicat de la librairie française says he is worried about the future of establishments which showed structural signs of fragility before the crisis. Xavier Moni: “I hope that readers will turn to proximity and advice, by going massively to bookstores.” Olivier Dion / Books Weekly / Olivier DionOlivier Dion / Books […]

Three reasons to reread Little Poems in prose, by Baudelaire

The poet’s extraordinary stories are an observatory on the beauty and strangeness of everyday life. “Portrait of Charles Baudelaire”, by Gustave Courbet. © Photo Josse / Leemage It’s not just “The Flowers of Evil” “Ah! What joy when it will be finished! I am so weakened, so disgusted with everything and with myself, that sometimes […]

Death of novelist Per Olov Enquist, the hired observer

The Swedish novelist Per Olov Enquist, the author of The Baltic Extradition and King’s personal physician, died Saturday night at age 85. He was a great writer, for two reasons: his work, mostly translated by Actes Sud since 1985, is considerable. And then, long and thin, it was almost 2 meters. What does the world […]