Nuclear medicine, white blood cell scintigraphy activated

In the Nuclear Medicine department of the Conegliano hospital, directed by Dr. Pasquale Sorce, white blood cell scintigraphy was activated. A complex procedure, currently performed in a few centers in Veneto, involves the selective separation of the patient’s white blood cells, their labeling with a radioactive tracer and subsequent re-administration. «The examination – emphasizes the […]

Donating unites us – Spanish Hospital of La Plata

To speak of Donation and Transplantation is to consider the health and well-being of another. It is to raise awareness and promote values ​​such as: solidarity, care and empathy. For this reason, every May 30, in our country, the National Day of organ and tissue donation, established by the INCUCAI, is commemorated. This date is […]

Nuclear medicine: how to illuminate the interior of our body with particle accelerators

The historical motivation of the large particle accelerators created in the 20th century was initially focused on the field of basic science, but today their applications have been extended to improve the daily life of humanity. These include aspects as varied as the preservation of food, the purification of water, the manufacture of semiconductors, the […]

Nuclear medicine is established as essential for the early diagnosis of …

Nuclear medicine is essential for the early diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism, one of the endocrine diseases most treated by this service, according to Dr. Ana Benítez, a specialist in Nuclear Medicine at the Quirónsalud Córdoba Hospital. Hyperparathyroidism is characterized by an abnormal functioning of the parathyroid glands, with an excessive production of parathyroid hormone and the […]

October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Detecting it in time is in your hands October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and year after year, Centro Rossi conducts massive awareness campaigns to spread primary and secondary prevention measures and ways of early detection. It is a disease that can affect one in eight women throughout their lives in Argentina. In recent years, […]