Take note, these are the 13 best places to live when nuclear war breaks out

loading… Antarctica is one of the safest places to live during a nuclear war. Foto/medium.com Antarctica – The threat of nuclear war continues to be big news. This is because of the large number of nuclear weapons owned by the United States, Russia, and other countries. The war between Russia and Ukraine also adds to […]

5 Horrifying Predictions of the Impact of the US vs Russia Nuclear War

Jakarta – Seen from any angle, nuclear war there is absolutely no benefit, there is the threat of tremendous destruction and death of so many people. The following is a terrible prediction if for example there is a nuclear war between the United States and Russia, as quoted detikINET from LiveScience: Harvest failed According to […]

EU Commission plans guidelines for heating – policy

The EU Commission wants to counteract a possible gas crisis by lowering the temperature in offices and public buildings, for example. At least a dozen people are said to have been killed in a rocket attack in the city of Vinnytsia. Russia is at war with Ukraine. All developments in the live blog: With material […]

British Military Nuclear Weapons Convoy on Highway, Sparks Outrage

loading… A convoy of British military trucks carrying nuclear weapons crosses the M6, the country’s most famous highway. Photo/Westmorland Gazette LONDON – Military English carry out a convoy of loaded trucks nuclear weapons across the M6, the country’s most famous highway. The convoy has angered anti-nuclear weapons campaigners as it also passes near schools and […]

Russian Political Scientist Warns West: Nuclear War Is Coming!

loading… Russian political scientist Sergey Mikheyev warned the West about the situation in Ukraine leading to nuclear war. Photo/Channel 1 Russia MOSCOW – Political scientist Russia Sergey Mikheyev, through the state-owned television station, warned the West about the situation in Ukraine which leads to nuclear war . Speak at Channel 1 Russiahe warned that Western […]

Fear of nuclear war! Russia’s Nuclear Forces Exercising – Post Today Around the World

Fear of nuclear war! Russian Nuclear Forces Fight Date 01 Jun 2022 time 10:40 Russia’s Defense Ministry says nuclear forces are conducting intense exercises On June 1, Reuters reported, citing Russian news agency Interfax, that Russian nuclear forces were conducting exercises in the city of Ivanovo, northeast of Moscow. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, […]

Russian TV and Nuclear War | Dark Evening News | 29 May 65 : PPTVHD36

“Overlook the shot” with Khun Suthichai Yun, today will take you to look at the news reporting on the Ukrainian war by the Russian media. More and more talks about the need for nuclear weapons are growing day by day. #Russian Ukraine #Nuclear War #Overlook shot #Channel 36 #big news story #news today #PPTVNews #PPTVHD36 […]