Venezuela – Question & Answer – Excerpt from the press release (09.01.20)

P: Does France still consider Juan Guaidó the legitimate president of Venezuela? What is your position regarding what happened on January 5 in the Venezuelan parliament? R: France celebrates the re-election of Juan Guaidó as president of the National Assembly of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on January 5. Consequently, for France, he remains the […]

Its nuclear weapons are known to be scary to the point of making America nervous, the North Korean military forces unexpectedly turn out to be dilapidated, even considered the weakest in the world, this is the reason

Sosok.ID – It is estimated that around 1.2 million members of the active military, make up its military forces. North Korea has 47.8 per 1000 members according to their population, a figure that is quite high among any country, even 10 times higher than the US. The numbers are difficult to pin down, but it is […]

Fire destroys Iran nuclear plant, possibly caused by Israel

A hall in the Iranian nuclear complex of Natanz with advanced rapid centrifuges for the enrichment of uranium has been severely damaged by a fire. While there is no hard evidence yet, many analysts believe the fire was the result of sabotage, possibly by Israel. In the latter case, there would be a serious escalation […]

In the aftermath of the Tehran Military Complex Blast, Iran’s Nuclear Facilities Drown Out After the Red Rooster: Most Likely Sabotage!

Gridhot.ID – Iran is known as one of the countries that develop nuclear. However, recently Iran is undergoing apes. Reportedly the base of Iran’s nuclear facilities experienced a fire. Also Read: PLN Open Subsidies Again, Free Electricity subscriptions for July, Here are the Conditions The Natanz Fuel Enrichment Plant (FEP), Iran’s main uranium enrichment facility, […]

Allegedly because of the explosion, Iran’s Centrifuge Plant Scorched Burned Page all

TEHERAN, – A fire broke out at the separator factory (centrifuge) near the underground uranium enrichment facility in Natanz, Thursday (2/7/2020). The fire broke out at 14.00 local time. Iranian state media then published photos of a two-story building that looked scorched and its roof destroyed. Debris on the ground and broken door hinges […]

Iran Admits Accident at Main Nuclear Site

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – An accident was reported at the Natanz uranium enrichment facility in Isfahan Province which is the main nuclear site Iran on Thursday (2/7). Damage was reportedly caused by the accident. However, shortly after, Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization spokesman, Behrouz Kamalvandi, said the incident did not damage the nuclear site. He also […]

Iran’s nuclear facilities are on fire, sabotage is possible

ILLUSTRATION. A gas fire on the oil production platform in the Soroush field was seen next to the Iranian flag in the Persian Gulf, Iran, July 25, 2005. Source: Reuters | Editor: SS Kurniawan KONTAN.CO.ID – DUBAI. The fire broke out at Iran’s nuclear facilities but there were no fatalities. Even so, the site located in […]