Health, indemnities paid to doctors and nurses in Vda – Valle d’Aosta

The possibility of recovering sums paid to workers is not excluded On the occasion of the monthly salaries of the month of May, the attractiveness allowances will be paid in paychecks to doctors and nurses hired by the Local Health Authority of the Aosta Valley with permanent and full-term contracts, […]

Ten nurses and a doctor pregnant at the same time in the same hospital

Ten nurses and a doctor who serve at a hospital in the MissouriUnited States, I’m pregnant. The singular circumstance was reported by the Good television program Morning America. Anna Gormanone of the employees who is expecting her second child, called the situation “truly unique”, as the women are all part of the same hospital unit. […]

[이슈톡] Pretending to give vaccines with empty syringes… Italian nurse arrested

A medical worker has been caught paying money from people who refuse to vaccinate against the coronavirus in Italy. The fourth keyword is “pretending to put the vaccine in an empty syringe”. Nurse injecting vaccine into syringe, squeezing vaccine solution back into gauze in other hand. They were just pretending to vaccinate patients with empty […]

She gives birth in a video call, ‘118 saved my life’ – Emilia-Romagna

The nurse: ‘It was imminent, they couldn’t go to the hospital’ “She saw everything and guided me, she was with me all the time. I had already given birth twice, but this was crazy. If I hadn’t called 911 the baby wouldn’t be alive. They saved my life, that of the baby and mine too. […]

Near Lyon, a nurse suspended for lack of vaccination will receive the medal of

“Looks like a 1is avril » : a nurse, suspended by a clinic in the Lyon region for lack of anti-covid vaccination, will receive a long service medal from her employer for her twenty years of service, reports this Friday, October 29 Progress. Aged 46 and domiciled in the Loire, the nurse was suspended in […]

Blood glucose level (for Children)

Blood glucose level The blood glucose level is the amount of glucose present in the blood. The body gets glucose, a type of sugar, from the food we eat. The bloodstream carries glucose to all cells in the body. Glucose is the fuel for the body’s cells and, similar to gasoline in a car, gives […]

Congestion (for Children) – Rady Children’s Hospital

Congestion Do you need to blow your nose? Congestion occurs when the nose becomes stuffy and makes it difficult to breathe. In general, you are congested when you have a cold or allergy and your nose becomes clogged with mucus (the sticky substance that comes out of the nose). Being congested is not pleasant at […]